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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Pleasant Grove's Canyon Grove Academy Starts Construction of Two New Simulators. The DSC Announces Four New Missions. The Imaginarium.

The Discovery Space Center Announces it Summer Line Up

Hello Space Education Center Fans!
     The Discovery Space Center in Pleasant Grove announces its 2014 summer mission line up.  
Bracken sits at the DSC proud of his new summer missions and dreaming of what's to come.

     Bracken Funk authored all four missions AND did the tactical screen cards.  Tactical screen cards are what the crew sees on the ship's main viewer at the front of each simulator.
Posters for all four missions are available at the DSC's gift shop.  
     They say you can't judge a book by its cover, nor can you judge a mission by its poster.  However, with that understood which mission based on title and appearance only would you like to do with a group of friends?  Better yet, why not come and do them all? Surprisingly, there are still slots open on upcoming summer camps.  Go to to enroll in a summer space camp.     

 Nathan King's First Test Mission

     Both space education centers need well trained staff.  That training is done on the job.  Once an employee has supervising squarely understood and demonstrated , the center directors may give him or her the chance to train for flight directing. 
     I found Nathan King flight directing his very first test mission (Olympia / Perikoi) today in the DSC's Challenger simulator.  
     "Do you have any advice for me?" he asked when I poked my head around the control room's door to see who was directing.  My amazed look may have triggered the question.       Either that or it could have been my question. "You're flight directing?!"
     Nathan knows what he's doing.  He started as a young volunteer at the CMSEC when I was the center director.  He moved to the DSC after it opened and proved his worth.      

Construction Starts on the Two Newest Starship Simulators

     Canyon Grove Academy, a K - 8 public charter school in Pleasant Grove, started construction on two new starship simulators yesterday.  The school hopes to have the USS Everest and the USS Pathfinder open for students in the Fall.  These two ships will be numbers six and seven in the DSim family of franchised simulators - the others being:
     At the Discovery Space Center:  The Atlantis, Columbia, Endeavor, and Challenger
     At Lakeview Academy:  The Leo

          DSim president Casey Voeks examined the wall placements of the USS Everest.  Both simulators are being built in a one large classroom.  A hallway will separate them.  In the photo above, Casey is standing at the back of the Everest. 

     The photo above was taken where Casey was standing in the previous photo looking toward the front of the ship.  The hallway separating the two simulators can be seen if you look at where the construction worker is standing (wearing the toolbelt).  

     The front of the Everest looking at where the ship's main viewer will be. This classroom has an exterior door which will come in handy for visiting groups.

     BJ Warner is standing where the future hallway will go separating the two simulators.  The USS Pathfinder is to his left.  It will be a smaller ship able to run its own missions or work in tandem with the Everest as one of the larger ship's smaller support ships.  

     Each simulator will have its own control room located at the front of the classroom.  The control rooms are large in comparison to the norm for the rest of the simulators in the fleet.  The extra room will come in handy for storage and for training new staff - giving everyone watching the missions plenty of room to sit and relax.  

     The builders paused to talk to Skyler Carr and Casey Voeks about the two simulators. Building starships is no easy task.  There were many questions about soundproofing, turning doors, pocket doors, raised platforms etc.  
     Congratulations to Canyon Grove Academy on the start of construction.  Troubadour readers will have a front row seat during the entire building process.  

Mr. Williamson  

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