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Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Everest and Pathfinder's Open House at Canyon Grove Academy. The Imaginarium.

Hello Space Center Fans!
     Canyon Grove Academy officially opened the UCS Everest and UCS Pathfinder last Monday.  The event was celebrated with an open house and several mini-missions for the attendees.  I stopped by to record the event for Space Center history, and for you Troubadours unable to attend.  

Mr. W. 

     I got there near the end of the open house. We gathered in the school's cafeteria to wait for our mini-mission.  Julie Adamic, principal, met us and explained the simulators and how they would used to enhance the school's curriculum and mission.   

Who did I find waiting on the sidelines?  Megan Warner, Lorraine Houston, Casey Voeks and James Porter - the new director of the Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center at Central School.  The Space Center family supports each other.

Skyler Carr and Scott Warner helping where needed.  Both work for DSim, the new Space Center company responsible for staffing the school's simulators.  

A mini-mission inside the Everest.  The simulator wasn't  completely finished, but deadlines had to be met. The ship flew thanks to the CAN DO attitude of the Discovery Space Center staff.  The few hiccups were easily overlooked because of the awesomeness of the ship!



They were referred to as miracle workers.  Conner and Jacqueline directing the mini-missions amidst the the partially complete control rooms.  

     Jorden was the honorary sub miracle worker.  He's seen above in the Pathfinder's controls room.

   I created the first Space Center and 'invented' the Space EdVentures concept so I deserve an office at every location modelled on my space center.   The Canyon Grove Space Center has an area set aside as my office (pictured above).  "I insisted this space be reserved for you," Skyler Carr explained. It's a bit small, but any port in a storm.     

     My office's entrance is right next to the main outside exit.

  It was time for everyone to relax at the end of the open house.  Mission accomplished and all went well.  Skyler Carr, Julie Adamic, Lorraine Houston and Casey Voeks share a lighthearted moment together.  Casey was quite animated as seen by his rapid arm movements. Everyone stayed two arm lengths away.  

The Imaginarium

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