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Sunday, September 14, 2014

The IKS Highlander Simulator Takes Shape in Pennsylvania. The Imaginarium.

Hello Space Center Fans!
     Yesterday The Troubadour presented a behind the scenes update on the construction of two new simulators in Utah County.  Remember to attend the open house celebrating the opening of the Everest and Pathfinder tomorrow between 5:00 and 8:00 P.M. at Canyon Grove Academy, Pleasant Grove.  
     Today The Troubadour has an update on another simulator under construction at Baldwin-Whitehall School District in the greater Pittsburgh area.  The IKS Highlander will fly under the Dream Flight Adventures banner.  The article below comes from the company's blog.  

Mr. Williamson

IKS Highlander Construction Update

     Happy Saturday, ladies and germs.  Today we bring you special news about the construction of the IKS Highlander in the Baldwin-Whitehall School District.                                The Highlander is one of three full immersion educational simulators under construction in the greater Pittsburgh area.  It joins the Dreamcatcher in Penn Hills and the recently announced Buccaneer in Lower Burrell, all of which are moving steadily toward completion. And, of course, the Titan in Shaler Area continues to send students on epic adventures on a daily basis.  By early next year we’ll have four simulators in the Pittsburgh area using the discipline of wonder to inspire children of all ages to think and dream.
     But enough chatter.  On to the pics!
Here we see the master plan of the IKS Highlander.  It will be the largest ship in the fleet, including an oversized 17-student simulator (complete with medical chamber and extra hands-on modules throughout), a briefing room, a control room, and an adjacent full-sized STEAM lab filled with gadgets, gizmos, and other activities focused on science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics.
The above image is taken from the STEAM lab area.  Ahead and to the left will be the simulator, to the right is the briefing room, and in the far center tucked away in the corner will be the control room.  The room was recently been cleared out and the wall supports recently went up.   Drywall and a three tiered raised platform in the simulator area will soon follow.
Here we see one of the tritanium bulkheads being arc-welded into place.
This view depicts the simulator as seen from its main entryway, which will soon be transformed into an immersive teleporter pad.  Red chalk lines on the floor indicate where the first level of the raised platform will begin.
Here is the control room.  It’s not much to look at now, but soon it’ll be filled with all sorts of crazy contraptions to make the magic happen.
Here’s the fearless fabrication team planning the next phase of the buildout.  Stay tuned for the gripping continuation…
The Dream Flight Adventures Team
The Imaginarium

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