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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Canyon Grove's Everest and Pathfinder Simulators are Nearly Finished. The Imagineers Imagine the Vanguard's Desks. Pieces of the Voyager Live On. The Imaginarium.

Canyon Grove Academy's Everest and Pathfinder Take Shape!

 Hello Space Center Fans,
     News from Canyon Grove Academy couldn't be more exciting.  The school's two starship simulators, the Everest and Pathfinder, are sheetrocked and ready for carpeting.  Yesterday I stopped by the school to get an update from Skyler Carr and BJ Warner and take a few pictures to share with The Troubadour's readers.   Both Skyler and BJ are officers of DSim, the parent company of the Discovery Space Center.  DSim will operate the simulators for Canyon Grove Academy.   


     Skyler and BJ were busy sawing and wielding the simulators' computer stations.  "The ships should be ready for flight director training next week," Skyler explained.    

      BJ was operating the saw.  I reminded him that saws were dangerous tools and fully capable of removing his fingers from his hand.  He nodded.  I excused myself to let them get back to work and went on an expedition to the Everest and Pathfinder - soon to be regarded as wonders of the modern world. 

     This is what you see when you enter the simulator room from the outside door.  The Everest is straight ahead. The Pathfinder is to the right.  


     The main entrance to the Everest is down the short hallway separating the two simulators.

     I'm standing on the Everest Bridge admiring Skyler and BJ's handiwork.   The computer desks are fantastic!  They're futuristic, metal, durable, well built, and ideal for any simulator (including the Vanguard).  The cords will be hidden within the square piping.  Skyler says that the desks will also have effect lighting. You've got a serious cancer of the imagination if you're not drooling right now!  

     The back of the Everest Bridge.  The two raised platforms will hold several of the new desks.  

      The front of the bridge as seen from the top of the back platform.


     The medical station (I believe) to one side of the bridge compete with sink and water.  

      Another shot from the back of the Everest toward the front.

     This is the room opposite the bridge from the sick bay.  I think its the ship's brig.  

Now, let's take a look at the Pathfinder.  

     We start with a peek at the small staff / staging area behind both simulators.  

     The back of the Pathfinder.  It also has a small brig (left) and an engineering platform on the right.  I believe the area under the engineering platform will be used as a small medical bay.

     The front of the Pathfinder.  

     Building a simulator is no easy task.  All the wires and cords must be hidden from the crew's view.  The ceiling is a perfect place. 

      Of course with two simulators come two control rooms as seen in the photos above. 
     I'm excited to see the progress and am please to have been invited to help train the new staff of both simulators.  These two simulators were imagineered by some of the old Space Center's finest creative minds.  I hope you plan on flying with us once they're open in a couple weeks.  Visit for more information on how you and your group of friends or co-workers can participate in this fantastic experience.

Mr. Williamson  

Farpoint's Vanguard Imagineering Team at Work.

     Two Saturdays ago the Farpoint creative team met in my classroom at Renaissance Academy to imagineer the Vanguard's computer desks.  The Vanguard will be Farpoint's first simulator housed at Renaissance Academy in Lehi, Utah.  Construction is scheduled to start before Thanksgiving.  Our dream of building a world famous, state of the art starship simulator is about to be realized.  Members of our Farpoint Voyager Club should be as just as excited as the creative team.  
     Take a look at the team as it imagines.  


     Alex Debirk designed the Vanguard itself.  His next task - the computer stations.  I told the team the desks had to be functional, futuristic and nearly indestructible (my word for kid proof).  Metal was the material of choice.  Alex took to the whiteboard, and with marker in hand, sketched a desk which met my requirements.      

     The desk is all metal with a curved base leading up to two bars holding the computer touch screens.  Because the Vanguard will double as a computer lab, a writing desk was necessary to hold the keyboard and student papers.    

     Landon Hemsley was in town and stopped by to offer his expert opinion.  Landon was a long time Space Center volunteer turned Odyssey Flight Director.  Mark Daymont is seen contemplating the design.  Emily is in full dramatic mode envisioning what it would be like to fly in this ship of dreams.  

     Several minutes later, Landon and Alex are still fine tuning the concept.  Mark is still contemplating.  Emily is experiencing a rapture of emotion, heard repeating over and over again, "How cool is this!"  Notice her hands in motion, creating a strong breeze from their gyrations.    

     Our final picture shows the desk designs for the front of the simulator.  
     Our creative team meets most Saturday mornings.  We have several items on next Saturday's agenda.  We'll finalize the desk design.  Alex and Brent Anderson will present their latest control programming wonders.  I'll verbalize my deep thoughts on the Farpoint universe the simulators will operate within.  Mark and Dave Daymont will keep things real and to the point, while at the same time, fill in necessary universe components.  Emily will chill and thrill all present with new artwork for the simulator, controls and flight squads.  And these are just a few of the people who contribute their time and energy to this Farpoint project.  Others will be mentioned in future posts.  
     You should be excited for what's coming.  I worry about you if you're not.  

Mr. Williamson    

On a Side Note

     I stopped by the CMSEC to check for Troubadour news and found this flag hanging in the Space Center's office.  Mr. James Porter, CMSEC director, wasn't available to explain.  I know he went on an LDS mission to Birmingham, England and assume Wales must have been one of his postings.  Either that, or he has a serious fixation with dragons.  

A Piece of the Voyager Lives On

     Finally, I was happy to see my Voyager simulator's chairs in use once again.  The CMSEC staff rescued them from the abandoned simulator and put them to use in the Magellan.  It was good to seem them again.  

The Imaginarium

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