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Monday, August 3, 2015

Lissa and Isaac Get Blue Shirted! It's Hot. The Imaginarium.

Hello Space Fans,
Yes, I'm still in Arizona on a quest to experience what life on Venus must be like. The heat here is nothing, as long as you stay indoors. And be sure that your indoors are cooled with an ACME PowerBlaster 3000 Air Conditioner.  I've learned not to be fooled by what I see when I look out the window. It may look inviting. It may look sunny. You may want to step out for a walk in the deceptive breezes blowing through the trees and around the cactus. But as soon as you open the door its PHASER SET TO KILL! 

Two Voyager Club Cadets are Recognized.

I'm sad I'm not home to cover the latest breaking news from the Space Center. I got it from the Space Center's Facebook page. Congratulations to two members of our Voyager Club for being recognized for their outstanding work.  Lissa and Isaac are the Space Center's two newest Blue Shirts!  

Lisa technically outranks Isaac because she got hers first and was placed on the payroll. Because all the other Blue Shirts are higher ranked than Lissa, she has nobody to boss around but Isaac.  And I'm told there's a lot of that going around.  




The Imaginarium

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