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Sunday, August 16, 2015

The New Voyager. The Latest Pictures. Another Voyager Boy Marries. The Imaginarium.

The New USS Voyager - The Latest Installations.

Hello Troubadours!
The new USS Voyager at Renaissance Academy had a few new items installed last week.

It's true isn't it; you can't wait to go on a mission in this new simulator, can you? On the reverse side, I can't wait to be once again in the flight director's seat putting YOU through the paces in the new USS Voyager.  The first Voyager and I made a great team for twenty-two years. Hopefully Fortuna will give the new Voyager and me another twenty-two. Won't you come along for the ride?

Mr. Williamson

The horseshoe controls in wood. A bit of the Enterprise D on the Voyager.

Looking toward the front of the Voyager's Bridge.

Looking at the back of the Voyager's Bridge.

 The hallway bulkheads are partially installed. 

One of the Old Voyager Boys Marries

News for you old timers.

If you remember, Brock Bodily is my nephew. He worked at the Space Center for many years starting in the fifth grade. Most of that time was spent in the Voyager. He was therefore called a Voyager Boy.  Many of the Voyager Boys have grown up, married, and the kids are starting to arrive.

Congratulations Brock and Kenzie.


The Imaginarium

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