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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Nautilus Team Finishes Round 5. The Fifth Round of the LDM is Over. A Comet Caught Firing Thrusters. The Imaginarium.

Team Nautilus Finishes Round 5.  The LDM's Fifth Round is OVER!

Nautilus Squadron did their Round 5 LDM mission last Saturday.  I can now official say that the three month long fifth round of this year's LDM is over.  That leaves three rounds to go and "That's ll Doc".  Then it will be time to form new teams (or keep your old ones) and prep for this school year's LDM.

Nautilus did several things no other squad thought of for this round. If fact, no two squads did the same things.  Don't ever say we don't let the missions run based on your decisions.  

Nautilus got themselves in a bit of a bind. I'd really like to tell you what happened, but that would be against the LDM rules.  How about I point two things out from their team photo above. Notice the hand with no body attached?  Notice the glasses without a face?  Absent from this team photo are two members who started the mission but strangely are absent at the end.  Poor Andrew.  Poor Captain Lindsey.  Where or where have they gone?  

Awesome job Nautilus.  

Mr. W.  

Space and Science News

Comet fires Thruster

Photo sequence showing the dust jet activating and then shutting down. ESA credit.

Comet 67P - Churyumov-Gerasimenko is acting like a spaceship that fires thrusters. The European Space Agency's Rosetta comet probe, currently orbiting the comet, caught a great view of a pocket of dust erupting from the surface of the comet. Since the comet itself is large, the relative movement effect of the short burst will not be very noticeable, but the spray will add to the comet's tail. Last week on the 13th, the comet reached its closest approach to the Sun (its perihelion) and will now be slowly heading towards the edge of the solar system.

The Imaginarium

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