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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Two New DSC Missions. Can You Guess the Mission? Nathan's Last Week at the CMSEC. The Imaginarium.

Two New Missions at the Discovery Space Center

This is old news for the staff and interns at the Discovery Space Center, so they're excused from paying attention to this announcement.

The Discovery Space Center's two newest missions (as of the beginning of August) are:

They look interesting. 

I'm thinking Kendrick must be a pretty gutsy mission author to name a simulator mission "Records"!  It's almost like I want to go on this mission just to see the plot of a mission named after something as bland as records. 

As for "Money vs. Power"..... I'd want to see how this mission paints money and power as adversaries. Again, my curiosity has the best of me. It looks like I'll be visiting the DSC to satisfy my wonderings.

Visit the DSC's web site to book your mission.

Name This Space Center Mission

I stopped at the Space Center this afternoon to deliver a care package of rolls for the staff and volunteers and found the Magellan two hours into a mission.  The crew were absent, carried away to some clandestine interrogation site, leaving the bridge unattended. I snapped this picture with my new iphone6 (please contain your jealousy). Can you identify the mission?  Hint: Skraaleen. 

Nathan was in the Magellan control room enjoying his lunch. This Galileo flight director has the kind of appetite that keeps every Domino's franchise financially afloat! 

This is Nathan's last week at the Space Center before leaving to serve an LDS mission to Panama.

Mr. W.  

The Imaginarium

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