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Sunday, October 11, 2015

I Live to See the World Burn. That Awesome Kraken Squadron. See the Latest Photos of the New USS Voyager. The Imaginarium.

I Just Want to See the World Burn

     Did you know my name is on permanent display in the Space Center's office at Central School? I'm not talking about the various plaques and files, I'm talking about large, bright, vivid letters on the office white board.
     "What's this?" I asked Mr. Porter, the Space Center director.
     "We know how you are when you're snooping around for blog news," James replied. "That's there to remind you that 'this' isn't news. It stays in the office."  
     I knew right then and there that I was on to something. "Secrets? You know The Troubadour's readers love secrets."
     "Which is why I wrote that," James explained as he pointed to the white board.  
     "But," I started to say, then James raised his hand to stop me.  
     "I know what you're going to say. You're going to tell me that the Space Center is part of a public school and therefore the public has a right to full open disclosure.  Then you'll follow that weak argument with a diatribe on how anyone could walk in from the school's hallway and see this board, so it should all be public anyway." He took a moment to get his oxygen levels back up. "Am I right?" 
     He was right, but I wouldn't admit it.  When he wasn't looking I snapped the photo above.
Yes, some of us live life on the edge. We were born to break the rules. We are natural envelope pusher outers, we live to see the world burn.
     Picture taken and picture on the blog.  You may all thank me in your own way for always keeping you Troubadours up to date. 

Mr. W.        

Kraken Squadron's Mighty Dignified Round 6 Pose

     I have a great job teaching 6th grade at Renaissance Academy. It's a great school staffed with competent, professional, dedicated people all committed to providing our 750 students with a world class education.
     I also have the best volunteer job anyone could have directing the Voyager Club. Our Voyager Club is made up of 80+ students ranging in age from ten to seventeen. They are bright, creative, smart, imaginative, funny, and on and on. Seeing our five squadrons work their way through our eight round Long Duration Mission program has been magic. 
     The Kraken Squadron finished the sixth round of the LDM last Thursday.  I watched them struggle and succeed in surviving every road block put in their way by our brilliant control room staff, and we had some of the best on Thursday. Connor Larsen was in the flight director's chair with Jon and Devon switching off at second chair and playing major acting roles. I also want to thank 
the Odyssey's Tabitha and Magellan supervisor Brylee for stepping in and helping.  They volunteer their time so our LDM program can be successful.  
     Thanks Kraken for a fun, entertaining Thursday evening. I needed that boost of energy and enthusiasm after a long day in the classroom.

Mr. W. 

An Updated Tour of the New USS Voyager    

     The new USS Voyager is nearly complete. We expect the computers to arrive any day now. 
I thought you'd like to see a set of updated photos.  Yes, the ship appears purple because those are the lights that were on and I didn't take the time to adjust them to something less purple (even though the simulator's lights are capable of a billion or so lighting combinations :)

We start in the Voyager's Briefing Room.  The double door to the right is for storage. We will step into the ship's transition room through the left door.

Two shots of the Transition Room.  It is designed to be everything from a turbo-lift elevator to a transporter room. 

Step out of the Transition Room into this short hallway.  When you get to the end you may go left through a revolving door to engineering and sick bay or you can go right to the bridge.

The revolving door to engineering and the sick bay.

We're going to go right toward the bridge.

We walk down another short hallway and make a left turn.

We see the bridge at the end of this hallway.

We're getting closer.....

And we're there.  

The big screen TV is behind black plastic now.

Standing at the back of the bridge looking forward,  

Standing at the front of the bridge looking toward the back.

 The captain, first officer, and ambassador's chair platforms.  We'll exit the bridge through the front left portal.

We walk down a short hallway ramp and turn left.

To our left is the brig and medical quarantine unit.  A much larger revolving door greets us. 
We'll go through to visit the engineering room and sick bay.

We exit the revolving door and walk down a curved hallway .

Sick Bay is on our right.

The small Bridge Engineering Section is next to the Sick Bay.

And we find ourselves at the end of our tour. This is the first revolving door I mentioned near the entrance hallway.  

The Voyager is the dream ship of the fleet.  I hope you're planning to visit us for a mission once we're open.  We still need to purchase several items for the sick bay and engineering rooms. Visit to see how you can help.

Mr. W.  

The Imaginarium

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