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Monday, October 5, 2015

The Space Center and Voyager Club Infiltrated by The Purples, A New Alien Race. The Imaginarium.

Do Aliens Live Among Us?
     This is a question asked by millions of people since the Roswell incident in the 1940's. I am someone who believes it is possible. Take for example the testimony of Paul Hellyer, a former Canadian defense minister who has accused world leaders of concealing the presence of aliens. He says there are three primary types of aliens who live among us; the Greys, the Reptiles, and the Nordics. The Nordics are described as humanoid extraterrestrials, the Nordics, also called Blondes, have a very human-like appearance and stand anywhere from 5½ to 7 feet tall.
     I'm writing today to say Paul Hellyer and the other ufologists are wrong. There are four different types of alien living among us. I want to announce to the world the existence of The Purples. Purples have planted themselves into the fabric of the Space Center community through the Voyager Club's LDM. I believe it is there way of learning about humans by watching us learn and play. Purples are called purples from the hue of their skin; however, they are capable of changing that color from its natural purple to a normal human tone. Occasionally, in times of extreme concentration, they forget to monitor their surroundings and situations and revert to their natural color. This happened two Saturdays ago in the Magellan Control Room. I was lucky enough to be there to capture it on camera. 

     You may know her as Jacqueline Lystrup. She's been with us for several years as a volunteer and employee. She currently is a Voyager Club volunteer working on the Long Duration Missions and the Club's medical department. Jacqueline realized her situation the moment I snapped the photo and reverted back to a natural human skin tone.  She claimed the control room lighting was to blame.
I think we all know better.
     Knowing The Purples have taken an interest in our program can either be comforting or worrying. Only time will tell. May I suggest that everyone give Jacqueline a wide berth and treat her with extreme caution and kindness until her people's true intentions are known.

The Imaginarium

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