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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Prometheus Takes Round 6 in the Long Duration Mission. New Interns at Discovery Space Center. The Imaginarium.

Round 6's Winning Team.  Marissa Captain, Andrew First Officer, James Sensors, Michael Tactical, Brylee Communications, Hunter Chief of Ops, Lizzy Damage Control, Mason Security, Nathanael Engineering. Bradyn Coach.

Prometheus Squadron Wins the Long Duration Mission's Round 6

A job well done to the Prometheus Squadron for winning the sixth round of the current Voyager Club Long Duration Mission in the Magellan simulator.  The winning score was the highest score ever given on an LDM in all six rounds; in fact, all five squadrons scored higher than their overall average. This is making my job difficult because I'm suppose to find the good, the bad, and the ugly in every mission. How can I give suggestions to our teams for improvement when the squadrons as a whole are consistently outscoring their previous scores? The good news is that the teams are listening and working to improve their performance.

"We focused on the grading rubric," said Coach Lystrup about his team's outstanding performance.  "Once you know exactly how your team is being scored, you can focus on those areas to make full points."

The team started with nine players, just making the minimum.  Nathanael (missing from the photo) had to leave just before the mission ended.

Congratulations Prometheus on a job well done. And congratulations to our other teams for keeping the final scores within a few point of each other.  We have two rounds left in the LDM.  The new LDM begins in January.  It is time for members of the Voyager Club to renew their club membership for this school year's club.  Send me an email to renew your membership.

Mr. Williamson

New Interns at the Discovery Space Center at Canyon Grove Academy  

The Discovery Space Center at Canyon Grove has several new interns working behind the scenes to make the DSC's missions intensely fun!  I found three of the newer interns at work a few weeks ago.
I'd like to introduce you to them.

Ryan (white shirt) is 15 years old and attends Pleasant Grove High.  He's been an intern for nearly three months.  Josh (red shirt) is also 15 and attends Pleasant Grove as well.  He's been an intern for nearly two months.  Liam is 17 years old and attends UCAS.

Andrew is another one of Discovery Space Center's hard working interns. He is a sophomore at Lehi High School.  Working magic with Adobe Illustrator is one of Andrew's contributions to the DSC program. I found him hard at work revising the DSC's field trip Boarding Pass.

The Imaginarium

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