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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Flight Directors Christine Grosland and James Smith Wed. The Imaginarium.

Breaking News! 
James Smith and Christine Grosland Wed

Hello Troops,
     I've just returned from the wedding reception of James Smith and Christine Grosland (now Christine Smith). Both are long time Space Center volunteers and employees (and when I say long time, I mean long time). To get this exclusive story with photos, I had to skillfully maneuver through a long queue of friends and family of the bride and groom using my Troubadour Press Card. That left another line of space center staff and volunteers to circumnavigate. I knew my Troubadour Press Card wouldn't work on them, so I used my AARP Card and claimed my right to move into the handicapped waiting line at the front.  Within minutes, I reached the happy couple.
     "Bossman!" Christine shouted so I could hear.  "You came!"
     "I never turn down an opportunity for an unlimited dessert bar," I replied.  That's when I noticed something quite unusual.  Their footwear fell far short for a kosher wedding!

     Well, what do expect from two flight directors. They were taught to think out of the box and be creative. They were taught to be themselves while still staying within acceptable norms. I'd say they did a beautiful job of it. They ARE wearing shoes thus meeting the acceptable norms standard. The creative requirement is obvious.  We wouldn't have it any other way.
     My conversation with the newlyweds was interrupted by a disturbance near the dessert tables. I recognized both voices - Jordan (James's brother) and Jon Parker. "Bossman, can you do something about that?" Christine nodded toward the troublemakers.

     I found Jon struggling with a boutonniere.  Jon is normally not allowed to handle sharp objects. He has a tendency to cause a mischief to himself and those around him. He'd already stuck Jordan twice and was going in for a third attempt. I walked over and gave him expert advice on the correct way to attach a boutonniere without blood loss.  By then a small crowd had gathered to watch. Thankfully Jon followed my advice and got the job done.
     "I did it," he said proudly.
     "You did, You did, You did pin a boutonniere," I replied. "You got your boutonniere pass!"

     The pass off handshake was given and all was forgiven.  I was reminded of the old saying, "It's all well if it ends well."

     By the way, Jordan was sporting a new necktie technique called "The Trinity".  Pretty cool huh? Another example of a flight director making his mark on an otherwise very traditional article of clothing.

     I still had to deal with Jon's flagrant violation of his doctor's order regarding his use of a sharp object around another living creature.  I put him in time out for ten minutes. He wasn't a happy camper but "all's well that ends well".

     Before leaving the reception, I found these five people standing strangely in a straight line and smiling for no apparent reason. I took a picture. One of the group was Jon Parker, recently released from time out. I think the others may be old time Space Center staff...  Weird.
     Congratulations to Christine and James!  May they live long and prosper!

Mr. Williamson

The Imaginarium

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