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Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Nautilus Squadron is No More. May They Rest in Peace. The Imaginarium's Theatre Imaginaire

The Lost Crew of the Magellan. Lindsey, MacKenzie, Drake, Andrew, Lissa, Marcus, and Nolan
A Requiem for Nautilus

     The picture above is one of the last two photos transmitted from the Magellan just before it warped away from earth at the end of the squadron's eighth round.  The ship had been missing for nearly a year when it suddenly reappeared near earth just as the full Romulan attack force arrived. When asked where they'd been, Captain MacKenzie curtly replied, "It's a long story and there isn't enough time to tell it.  It'll all be in my report." And with that said, the Magellan joined the fleet in repelling the Romulans.
     Starfleet Command is faced with four mysteries surrounding the Magellan. Where was the Magellan all this time? Why did it suddenly appear out of nowhere?  What was the powerful weapon that nearly destroyed the entire Romulan fleet? And why did the Magellan warp away at the end? 
     The orbiting space telescope took this picture a few minutes after the Magellan warped away.  What you see is the end of the Magellan and its Nautilus crew.  Thankfully the ship's black box has been recovered. Command is confident it holds the answers to the Magellan mysteries. 


     The Troubadour, along with the staff of the Long Duration Mission and Voyager Club, bid farewell to the Nautilus Squadron pictured above with coach Alex Debirk.  The squadron was creative in their problem solving and fearless in executing orders. They will be remembered fondly when the history of the Great Galactic War is written.  They live on in our memories and in the vast oceans of space and time (literally).  

Mr. Williamson

The Imaginarium's Theatre Imaginaire 
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