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Sunday, December 13, 2015

The Scorpio Squadron Finishes Their Long Duration Mission. Théâtre de Imaginarium. The Imaginarium.

Scorpio Squadron Successfully Completes The Long Duration Mission 

The Scorpio Squadron did what Coach Brittney expected them to do last Thursday evening - successfully complete the year long Long Duration Mission, and they did it in style!

     Using a two pronged attack, combining the best weaponry of two universes, along with an overabundance of wit, imagination, and self styled wizardry, they navigated the complex waters of the mission to bring their crippled starship Magellan to Earth.
     "The Force was with us," Brittney said while attempting to stay clear of the flashing light sabers wielded by the enthusiastic Star Fleet Knights. "You can't say it hasn't been a wild ride."
     When asked how he did as captain of the Scorpio's final mission, Captain Trey responded, "I brought home the bacon. I tied the shoes. I dotted the i's. I crossed the t's. I made it look easy but it wasn't. I had to think a few times - which is unusually for me. I usually get things figured out before your average Joe."
     "So it wasn't that easy?" Flight Director Connor asked before reminding Trey of the strike he'd given the crew an hour before.
     "One strike. I blame Dalton for that. First Officers are there to take the bullet for the captain." Trey replied. Dalton didn't hear. He was busy stomping out a small fire. His light saber accidently got too close to his Santa hat. The hat was a total loss. Dalton escaped with a singed eyebrow and a reminder from his crew to practice lightsaber safety.  

The Scorpio Squadron. Back Left to Right. Coach Brittney, Dalton, Cooper, Brook, Jessa, Livvy, Jacqueline, Connor.
Front Row: Trey, Kaden, Nate 

   Just like the other teams, our Voyager LDM staff will miss our monthly missions with the Scorpio Squadron.  It was a fun year and we wish them the very best as they retire from Starfleet and pursue civilian careers Earthside.  

Mr. Williamson

Théâtre de Imaginarium


The Imaginarium

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