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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Space Center's Breakfast Club. Goodbye Aleta and Tabitha. Scott Gets a Love Note. The Imaginarium.


The CMSEC Breakfast Club

Hello Troops
     The Breakfast Club met Monday morning at the Space Center. You recognize some by name, others by face. What you're looking at is the heart and brains of the Space Center, minus a few notable exceptions, who may have been too lazy to get up and attend the 8:00 A.M. celebration.
     There were three reasons for the event. Aleta Clegg is moving with her family to Pasco, Washington next week. Tabitha, the USS Odyssey's set director, is leaving on a mission shortly after the start of the new year. And summer planning to iron out a few mission details.

     Mr. James Porter officially released Aleta from her Space Center contract with a handshake and goodbye card. And with that, he ushered her into retirement with the understanding that she could be recalled to active duty should the need arise.  The reactivation clause has been in every employee's contract since the Space Center's early days. Many have been recalled to duty. Some came willingly, others with much fuss.
     The Sandwich Club will meet at the Space Center this Saturday from noon to 2:00 P.M. to say goodbye to both Aleta and Tabitha. If you're a Sandwich Club member (far more prestigious than Disney's Club 33) please plan on attending.

     I'm not a breakfast eating guy, but the buffet offered Monday morning was much much better than breakfasts served during my time as Space Center director. In my day we had juice and your choice of plain or plain bagels.  Yesterday's menu included hot off the skiddle items cooked by masterchef Jon Parker.


      The front table held an assortment of breads, bagels, juices, spreads, and breakfast casseroles. Just look at the smiles in the photo below.  You know the food had to be good to generate real genuine smiles at that time of morning.  

     Isaac called out for two more skittle delights just as I snapped the photo.

     "Coming right up!" Jon replied.
     I'm taking a risk by posting the picture above. Notice Jon Parker isn't wearing a hat or hairnet, yet he's cooking food in a public school. I shudder to think what might happen to the program should Utah's Risk Management see this.  Spiral staircase in the Voyager? Hair shedding all over the crepes every time Jon turns his head. What other dangers lurk just beyond sight at that space place?!

     After everyone had stuffed themselves on crepes a la Parker, Mr. Porter brought the official meeting to attention. He apologized for not having gifts for everyone, but did have one gift for one lucky person. To get the one gift card, all one had to do was outperform everyone else in the 'go find the clues to get the key words to fill in the correct blanks to piece together a coherent sentence' scavenger hunt.  We scattered throughout the school looking for microscopic slips of paper taped to walls and equipment. We each had a paper with clues telling us where to look. Figuring out the clue was the real challenge. For example, one of the clues read, "Where do ghosts go when they're thirsty?" referring to the kindergarten hall drinking fountain. Only those who religiously read The Troubadour would know the answer to that from a story I posted a few years ago about ghost sightings at Central School by space center staff and volunteers.    
     Erin won the gift card. I'm not a graceful loser so we'll leave it at that.
     The summer space camp missions sound exciting.  Several new missions will be offered along with revivals of a few hits from years past.  Go to the Space Center's website and book your summer space camp now

Scott is Flattered Yet Remains Humble

      Scott is an outstanding Space Center volunteer and member of our Voyager Club. Recently he had the occasion to become prideful over his peers when a young lady slipped him a note during a Magellan mission he was working.  "You're HOT," is the note summarized.  A heart shaped kitten illustrated the ego inflator.  I found Scott parading the note around the Magellan control room and thought it newsworthy.
     "That's unbelievable!" another volunteer exclaimed when shown the note. That cruel statement shocked Scott back to reality and promptly struck a mortal blow to his pride.  He folded the note and stuck it into his pocket.  There are rumors the note can be found on his Scott's refrigerator at home.
A required stop for all holiday company.

Mr. Williamson

The Imaginarium

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