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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Megan Warner, Space Center Director II, Comes Calling. The Imaginarium.

Megan Warner Comes Calling

Former Space Center Director and awesome person Megan Warner stopped by to see me at Renaissance Academy last week. I gave her a tour of the Voyager. She was impressed.  

Megan currently lives in California but that may change. While in Utah, Megan was overheard spreading rumors that she's thinking of coming back to Utah based on certain omens she's been spiriting recently.  "I'm feeling pretty good about my prospects in Utah," she confessed while having lunch with Jon Parker and I at Kneaders.  "It's all started coming together after I examined the entrails of a pigeon. Very promising indeed."

You can't direct a place like the Space Center without having a few quirks and personality short circuits ;)  

Megan volunteered to help the Space Center staff run the Darmok Trials last Friday.  Now you know who's picture that is hanging in the Phoenix Control Room. 

The Imaginarium

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