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Sunday, June 19, 2016

The USS Hyperion is Under Construction at Telos Academy. Theater Imaginarium.

The USS Hyperion at Telos Academy is a New Farpoint Starship Simulator Soon to Open in Utah County

Architectural Drawing of the New Telos Academy Campus, Vineyard
The USS Voyager at Renaissance Academy will soon be joined by the USS Hyperion currently under construction at Telos Academy in Vineyard. Both simulators will operate under the Farpoint brand, using the Farpoint universe, missions, and curriculum. 

I'm working as a consultant with the Telos staff to build the Hyperion on the second floor of the school's second campus located in Vineyard, a mile or so south of the Megaplex Theater on Geneva Road. 

South Side of the new campus currently under construction
North side of the building
The Hyperion will hold approximately ten cadets on a bridge which will resemble my first simulator, the USS Voyager from the Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center.  The ship will consist of a Bridge, Briefing Room, Control Room, Transition Room, Brig, and Storage.  

The layout of the Farpoint Ship Hyperion
The ship will be on the second floor, directly above the school's main lobby. The east and west sides of the Hyperion are flanked by hallways.  The school's dormitories are located above the ship. 

Telos is a residential / treatment school for boys and men ranging in age from thirteen to their early twenties (for those attending local universities).     

Telos Academy in Orem. Campus One. (Middle and High School)

The school's website outlines the school's program.
Telos helps boys dealing with depression, anxiety, substance abuse, addictions, social problems, and learning differences. The caring staff use clinical therapies coupled with the power of healing relationships to promote deep lasting change. The school's aim is to help teens lead principled-centered lives characterized by insightful choices.  Telos is a place where boys find clarity, healing, and director.
I'll be working with Dr. Ryan Anderson, primary therapist, to write and produce missions linked directly to the individualized clinical program.  This is exciting.  This will be the first time our simulation based, experiential education program will be used to specifically target and help students will special needs. The work done on the Hyperion will be disseminated to other Farpoint simulators.

Dr. Anderson and team will be conducting extensive research on simulations both in education and treatment.  These findings could open the door to other treatment schools and centers, meaning the possibility of new Farpoint simulators worldwide.  

Dr. Anderson is no stranger to starship simulations. During his highschool years, Ryan was a regular volunteer at the Space Center in Pleasant Grove.  I remember him well (considering his dad was my doctor). I'm including a short biography on Ryan so everyone in the Space Center community can get to know him and appreciate what he brings to the movement. 

Ryan Anderson received his B.S. degree in Marriage, Family, and Human Development and his M.S. degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Brigham Young University. He received his Ph.D. in Medical Family Therapy from East Carolina University, and completed his internship at the Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center. He has worked as a family therapist in outpatient practice, in inpatient psychiatric settings, in cancer care, in several other medical settings, as a wilderness therapist and Assistant Clinical Director at Outback Therapeutic Expeditions, and as a therapist at Telos Residential Treatment. His teaching experience includes undergraduate university courses, first year medical students, and community outreach and education programs. He has also been a speaker at various conferences, radio shows, and continuing education events. He is author of the book "Navigating the Cyberscape: Evaluating and Improving Our Relationship with Smartphones, Social Media, Video Games, and the Internet."
            In addition to his work in the social sciences, Ryan spent about a decade dabbling to various degrees in video game design and production, working as a voice actor, writer, and designer for numerous mods and several independent games. He is also excited to be a part of the development team and the Clinical Director for Telos U, an treatment program designed to help young men with depression, anxiety, processing issues, learning difficulties, and electronics addictions transition to young adulthood. He will serve as the program director of the Telos U Space Education and Adventure Therapy Center. Ryan has a variety of other interests, including martial arts, history, cooking, music, language, physics, astronomy, hiking, and European board games. Most of all, though, Ryan enjoys spending time with his wife Marianne and sons, Bradley and Braeden. 

Dr. Anderson is the director of the Hyperion. His excitement is contagious.  His vision of what this program can do empowers and energizes everyone.  

Both Farpoint Centers will actively involve students in the day to day operations and management of the simulators. This student centered approach makes Farpoint simulators unique. Our students and Voyager Club volunteers, working alongside experiential education professionals, will be included in all aspects of development, management, and entertainment. They will write, produce, direct, and program missions. On the business end they will assist with the bookkeeping, advertising, and maintenance.

Farpoint's mission is to provide a public service to the schools and the community. After the daily school missions, both the Voyager and the Hyperion will be open for public missions and camps.

Keep reading The Troubadour for regular updates on all the simulators worldwide inspired by our work on the mothership, the USS Voyager.  Please contact me if you have comments or questions.  

Mr. Williamson

Theater Imaginarium

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