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Friday, June 3, 2016

News and Videos From Our Friends on the IKS Artemis Charger in Valencia, Venezuela. The Imaginarium

News from the IKS Artemis Charger, 
Colegio Internacional de Carabobo Education Immersion Center

Great things are happening on the IKS Artemis Charger at the Colegio Internacional de Carabobo Education Immersion Center, Valencia, Venezuela.  The Artemis Charger is member of the Dream Flight Adventures network of simulators.  Todd Lichtenwalter is in charge of the program.

Todd Lichtenwalter

Flight Director of the IKS Artemis Charger at Colegio International de Carabobo

Alias:  Admiral Sai

Todd Lichtenwalter is the Flight Director for the first overseas Dream Flight simulator located in Valencia, Venezuela at Colegio International de Carabobo.  Todd, a science teacher of 15 years, has taught in Texas, Ghana, Lebanon, and Venezuela where he is now serving as the full-time Flight Director running 2-hour missions in the morning and afternoons for the schools grade 3-12 classes.  In addition, he is the school’s technology mentor and varsity soccer coach.
The chance to operate an immersive learning environment had been a dream of his for some years and good fortune had him meet Gary Gardiner from Dream Flight Adventures at the Learning Games Society Conference in 2014 and from there the dream progressed into reality with the launch of the schools simulator in November 2015.
Todd sees Dream Flight as an ever evolving learning tool that can incorporate future technologies and afford teachers a unique curriculum palette on which they can collaborate to design multi-disciplinary learning experience not possible before.
The First Mission, Sriyana 

Admiral Sai
     The conclusion of our first Artemis Charger mission, Sriyana, saw grades 3-12 attending. The Minecrafting team here won the competition for building an air purification facility on planet Darka for the people of Gelosia Prime.  The new facility enabled the Gelosians to colonize the planet and in return the Artemis Charger crew obtained medical supplies for their humanitarian and political mission to Sriyana.

Driving Skills Put to the Test on the Artemis Charger

Admiral Sai

Bomb Sweep on the Artemis Charger

Admiral Sai

Yes Troops, what USS Voyager Inspired simulator doesn't have a bomb scare neutralized by a crack team of security officers? 

Mission Succession: Forms of Government. Artemis Charger

Admiral Sai

 Can the crew bring peace to the planet Megara by satisfying the Plebeians, Noble Houses and Priest classes?

And Finally, A Hero 4th Grade Captain from the Artemis Charger

Admiral Sai


     Captain Tomaso, currently serving under Admiral De Villiers, led his crew to great accomplishments in the Succession mission.  His ability to evaluate multiple variables simultaneously while operating the levers of leadership to get the best out of his crew members is worthy of recognition by the Federation of Planets top Starfleet Navy brass.  His crew, the Infinity Knights, operates the Artemis Charger Galaxy Class starship.  For this mission, he successfully led his crew into dangerous territory by first defeating Zazus's space monsters that were holding the colonists from Megara captive, and finally heading solo into the Rogue System to rescue the Oracle of Delphi while fighting off Orion Space Pirates, destroying their space base, and avoiding the jaws of giant sea monsters in the ocean of planet Rogue 7.  Perhaps most stunning of all, his crew, against great odds, had zero ship failures, leading his crew to one of the highest team scores in the school, grades 3-12.
     Great at contemplating game strategy and solving problems, Captain Tomaso has proven himself one of the top captains thus far at the EIC and sets a new standard for leadership.  Congratulations to Captain T and his crew in 4th grade!!!

The Imaginarium

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