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Friday, October 21, 2016

New Costumes for the USS Voyager Complements of Aleta Clegg: Alien Outfitters. The Imaginarium.

Aleta Clegg Fashions and 
Alien Outfitters 

     Aleta Clegg from Aleta Clegg Fashions and Alien Outfitters recently visited Renaissance Academy to deliver several of her newest designs created exclusively for the officers and alien visitors of the USS Voyager.  
     "It's not often we get someone of Mrs. Clegg's celebrity in Lehi," Mr. Williamson remarked as he introduced her to those attending the exclusive "Sandwich Club".  
     "No introductions necessary," Aleta replied as she pushed Mr. Williamson gently aside so all could behold her executive designs for the newest ship in the ever expanding fleet of simships.  "We're old friends, so let's not stand on ceremony, come, examine, touch if you will.  Notice the fine stitchwork and alien fibers."

Aleta Clegg of Aleta Clegg Alien Outfitters

All Aleta Clegg fashions and accessories carry her trademarked monogram

     Aleta Clegg Fashions wasn't the only fashion house actively working to get the USS Voyager contract from Space Command.  The House of Victor created two designs they believed would demonstrate the company's superior talent in the creation of comfortable and practical starship wear for both crew and aliens. 

     A take on culvertism is demonstrated in the design above.  "A definite plus for added protection in an alien phaser attack," the company boasted in the description.  

     The House of Victor touted that camouflage, with the advantage of confusion, was the inspiration for the design above. The catalog description of the costume reads: 
 "This design is superior in color - a light brown which goes nicely with the scarlet of blood - giving the wearer the peace of mind in knowing that if he falls in battle, his final colors will not clash. With the color comes the helter skelter top, guaranteed to confuse any unwelcome alien intrusion. The confusion creates a moment of bewilderment, thus giving the wearer time to take the first deadly shot to neutralize the threat" 
     While admitting that targeting might be jeopardized due to the broken down fence effect covering the wearer's face, the designer maintains that with diligent training, a protective preemptive blast with 50% accuracy is possible. 
     In the end, Space Command went with Mrs. Clegg's designs. There was also the fact that the Clegg originals were donated thanks to Aleta's generosity.             

Aleta with her latest designs in starship wear for those with discriminating taste

     Alien children attending Renaissance Academy were asked to model the new Voyager costumes. They were amused and pleased, but wanting to be true to their nature, reluctant to show any emotion which could be misunderstood by the human crews of the USS Voyager to be anything other than disgust for humans and everything humanity stands for.


   The soon cheered up when told that they would soon be wearing the costumes in multiple USS Voyager bridge attacks.  

     The promise was kept as seen in the photo above.  Two of our alien models had the opportunity to storm the Voyager's bridge during a recent telling of Greenpeace. Unfortunate for them, the teen crew overwhelmed them with superior fire power. It may have also been superiority in numbers. 
     The three were placed in the brig until which time they escaped in a momentary fluttering of the bridge force field, upon which they caused havoc and mayhem throughout the ship.
     On behalf of the USS Voyager and Renaissance Academy, I want to thank Aleta Clegg for the new costumes.  They're wonderful Aleta!  

Mr. Williamson

The Imaginarium

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