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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Space Center Executives Honored. Local Gallifreyan Time Lord Amazes All. Space Center Continues to Train New Flight Directors Despite Unease Over Pending National Election. The Imaginarium.

Space Center Executive Staff Honored!

     Space Center Director James Porter, along with Jon Parker, Space Center Sub Commander, were recently honored by being placed on Central Elementary School's Faculty and Staff Bulletin Board.  Realizing the complete insignificance of the honor, Mr. Porter could barely summon what many would call an forced and regrettable smile. Mr. Parker, on the other hand, having never been honored by anything more than his Arrow of Light Cub Scout Award, was pleased as punch to be included and honored. 
     "I take what I can get," he was quoted as saying when his picture was finally put on the board after the many, many reminders he sent to the school secretary by phone, email, and courier pigeon.  Only upon Mr. Porter's insistence was action taken.  
     Mr. Parker was notified to arrive early for the photo. I've heard from my well placed sources at the Space Center that Jon was up an hour early to shower, shave, deodorize and accessorize for the official portrait.  
     Speaking for everyone here at The Troubadour let me say "Well Done Jon!". That photo's a keeper for sure.  

Mr. Williamson       

Local Gallifreyan Time Lord Amazes All with Yet Another Timepiece

     Local Time Lord Mason amazed everyone at the Space Center when he emerged from the depths of the old USS Voyager, where his Tardis is prudently parked near the Sick Bay, wearing yet another Gallifreyan Universal Coordinated Timepiece on his wrist.  
     "Don't think I don't have a life," Mason replied when a reason was requested by a visiting unkempt space cadet sporting an unusual amount of nasal drainage.  Obviously the boy was unaware of who (or what) he was speaking to.  "Not only do I offer my assistance here at the Space Center," Mason continued his explanation. "I'm worn to the bone tracking events needing my attention in multiple times and locations universe wide. These unique instruments help me keep to a demanding and grueling schedule. The fact that you're alive and dripping on the floor is a testament to my work. How does a run in with a crazed rabid tiger about to devour the first of your evolutionary species sound to you. It all happened.. "
     "Cool," the boy interrupted. "Where can I get one of those watches?" He raised his arm to use as a tissue before pointing to the center orange timepiece on Mason's wrist. 
     Obviously annoyed by an obvious lack of understanding, Mason could only ask the boy to move along to the restrooms.  "Wash your hands and arm," he demanded.      

Mason's Collection Continues to Grow,
Where it will end, Nobody knows.
Space Center Continues to Train New Flight Directors Despite Unease Over Pending National Election

Lissa Training to Flight Direct in the Phoenix
Tyler Training to become an Odyssey Flight Director
     Despite having received a memo from Alpine School District Assistant Superintendent Vicki Carter warning the schools in her area that her office has received multiple emails, phone calls, and letters regarding a massive exodus of Utah Valley residents to Canada after national elections on November 8th, Mr. James Porter continues to show optimism in the American system by continuing to train flight directors for the Space Center's many simulators.  
     "Yes, there is a risk that up to half the district's students may be enrolling in Canadian schools over the next couple months, but I for one don't believe it.  I think that cooler heads will prevail and all will be normal once the brouhaha dies down and our partons accept their fate with dignity and courage," Mr. Porter, a lifelong optimist, explained. 
     Knowing the Space Center is planning for a long and prosperous future brings a sense of calm to the troubled communities of the Alpine School District.  Thank you Space Center.

Mr. Williamson

The Imaginarium

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