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Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Last Starfighters - Renaissance Academy's Phoenix Grays Finish the Voyager Club's 2015-2016 Long Duration Mission. After a Year - It Is Over. Theater Imaginarium.

The Phoenix Grays: 2015/2016 LDM Season. Wesley, Tyler, Matt, Jack, Noah, Ben, Aaron, Jakob, Zach

     After nearly one year, five rounds, and 29 missions, the 2016-2016 Voyager Club Long Duration Mission is over.  The Phoenix Gray Squadron brought the season to a close with an outstanding performance on the Magellan Bridge.  What is surprising is that they didn't die!  Just before they took to the bridge I called the bookies in Las Vegas to check on their odds.  The Vegas odds had them at a 3 to 1 for mission failure.  The reason given was their tendency to excessive excitement which can, at times, lead to critical mission focus issues.  I, having taught all of them but one at Renaissance Academy last year, knowing their strengths and weaknesses, dismissed the odds.  Under the leadership of Captain (Not the Sparrow) Jack, with each officer placed in a position of competence, I knew they could get the job done.  They did.  Now how messy the victory is another discussion for another time....

A Photo Record of the Last LDM with the Control Room Dream Team of 
Jon, Lindsey, Jacqueline, and Mason

Making the final decision on which of the six LDM teams will take the overall Top Team Award will be difficult.  Each team demonstrated strengths and competence. Each team had its faults and inconsistencies.  The LDM staff and I will commensurate, contemplate, mull over, meditate, calculate, and finally consult the Oracle at Delphi to determine the winning squad.  The announcement will come once the tabulations and consultations are final.  You may want to wear thicker trousers because you'll need to sit on those pins and needles a bit longer I'm afraid.
     On behalf of the Farpoint Voyager Club, I want to thank Mr. Porter and the staff at the Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center for their support of the LDM program over the last two years. I also want to thank our great LDM staff for their dedicated volunteerism.
And thank you to all you Voyagers - true space center fans - for your support.     To learn more about the Voyager Club at Renaissance Academy, visit

  Mr. Williamson

The Final Extended Video of the Phoenix Grays.  
This video shows more of the mission than the others posted because the Grays were the last team to do the flight.  Therefore showing more won't give any team an advantage. 

Theater Imaginarium
The Best Vidlets of the week, assiduously edited for gentler audiences, minors, and the terminally offended


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