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Sunday, January 22, 2017

A New Starship Simulator in Texas Sponsored by a Boy Scout Council. Enroll in an Upcoming Camp and Help the Field Trip Program. Farpoint's Coders Brave Near Blizzard Conditions. Command Headsets Again. Theater Imaginarium.

Some Great Space Center Camp Opportunities 
And help the field trip program at the same time!

Announcement: 25% of all funds generated from any camps operated during the school year now help subsidize field trips for the following school year. Basically we are trying to find ways to save schools money while offering great experiences through the year.
Step 1 - Sign up for a camp:
Step 2 - Yeah there really isn't a step two. We just take those funds and save schools upwards of $40-$60. That is if we get our camps filled. Right now we need your help in letting students and adults (yes the adult camps we offer also save schools money) know about these great opportunities.
Currently there are 4 camp dates available, but we will add more if they start to fill up. So help us out by sharing our link, writing a review about us, or sharing photos of your visit and linking it to our website. So I guess that would be Step 2 - Share the fun.
Step 3 - Feel good about helping more students to be able to come on our field trips. This year we have around 10,000 students who will have participated and made great memories.
Thank you.
Mr. Porter
Space Center Director

Student Camps - $40 : January 28th & April 22nd
Adult Camps - $40 : March 18th & May 13th

The Longhorn Boy Scout  Council's Starship

Bridge Space Room

Starship Battle Simulator.

     Strangely enough, great ideas catch on. Look at what I found docked at a lonely outpost in Hurst Texas.  Introducing a starship simulator similar to those found here in Utah, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C. and Venezuela. All programs which trace their inspirational beginnings to the USS Voyager in Pleasant Grove. This Texas simulator apparently sprung up completely on its own because I'm unaware of any connection to us through a former volunteer, staff member, or camper. This leads me to believe it is the brainchild of a genius suffering from the same addiction that plagues us - experientialsimulatoritis.

     Regardless of its parentage, it is good to see another example of experiential learning; this one sponsored by a Boy Scout council.  It think it's time to open subspace hailing frequencies and make contract with this lone ship and invite them into the fleet.

Mr. Williamson 
The following is from the Longhorn Council's website:

Longhorn Council
Boy Scouts of America
PO Box 54190
850 Cannon Drive
Hurst, TX 76054

Pilot an Imperial Starship into battle as the Captain and bridge officers: Helmsman, Weapons Officer, Science, Engineering, or Communications.  (NOTE: Groups with younger Cub Scouts and siblings should have parents helping while doing the Starship Bridge Crew Simulator.)

Pack 1220 Cub Scouts piloting the starship in a battle during a birthday party event.

Troop 28 Scouts learning to work together to maneuver their ship.

 Scouts from Troop 265 (left) and Troop 328 (right) serving as bridge officers during a battle simulation at an overnight lock-in.

Troop 127 Scouts maneuver their ship to protect the space stations in their sector.

Movies and Birthday Parties

. . .  or just watch a movie on the 80 inch main bridge view screen. (Bring your own sci-fi movie.)

Space Flight Simulators

Space flight simulators with multiple skill levels allow youth and adults to compete for the title of Best Pilot. By museum simulation companies Binary Star and Historic Space Systems.

– Discovery: Final Approach. Land the Space Shuttle Discovery at the Kennedy Space Center or at Edwards Air Force Base!
– Space Station Docking. Pilot NASA’s new Orion space capsule as you bring supplies to the International Space Station.
– Lunar Landing. “The Eagle has landed.” Pilot Neil Armstrong’s Apollo 11 Lunar Module and land on the moon in 1969.
Air Force Interceptor. A dangerous asteroid is on a collision course with the International Space Station. You will pilot an Air Force rapid-response launch vehicle. Your mission: destroy the asteroid with a missile before it hits the Space Station!

The Farpoint Space Club's Google CS Coding Program Guarding the Nation's Interests Even in Near Blizzard Conditions

     What a mess it was driving to our homebase at Renaissance Academy early Saturday morning.  It was near blizzard conditions as I slipped and slid my way from Pleasant Grove to Lehi. "My kingdom for a snow plow to follow," I mumbled while searching for a set of tire tracks to wedge my wheels into. 

OK, maybe an exaggeration, but it sure felt like it.

     Conditions went from bad to worse the closer I got to the school. Relief is an adequate word to describe my feelings at pulling into the snow clogged parking lot.  Concerned about the driving conditions, I sent an email to my young coders saying the class would go ahead because I was already there and knew many others were already on their way. I asked those who hadn't left to consider not attending and coming to a make up day instead.       

     Surprisingly, over half the club showed up and got right to work guarding the national network against all enemies foreign and domestic.  We were particularly focused on the new administration and wanted to ensure the president's transition into Washington life went smoothly.  


Young Brandon was busy coding a program to guard against those nasty sprites which pop up from time to time. Helping him is Chris, a new volunteer guru.
JR was busy watching outer space. For a moment we thought he'd spotted a UFO. It turned out to be a ringed planet.
Paige always writes impressive code
Sinjin found a firewall breach in the NSA's mainframe.  The hackers used a penguin as their identifier.  Sinjin made short work of them as you can see by the toppled bird on his screen.  
Yet another awesome program created by one of our young coders.  The purple hooded figure indicates our mortal enemies in cyberspace - KAOS.  This was their poor attempt to shut us down. It didn't work.
This young Farpoint coder wishes to remain anonymous as seen by his tightly zipped coat. His project was highly classified which is why you only see him and not his screen. 
Andrew is one of our supervising coding gurus.  He monitors and helps.  Our Farpoint coding program relies on great volunteers like Andrew.

The Space Center Returns to Prompting Headsets for Command Crews

Josh modelling the new bluetooth headsets and showing where the microphone is located on the wall

     The captains of the CMSEC have a conscience again.  Or at least that's what we call the little headset given to the command officers to help them out during field trips.  From this headset the flight director can fill in the knowledge gaps since the 5th & 6th grade captains don't actually have 20 years of experience onboard a starship.  They haven't been in use for quite some time as the headsets of the past were dependent on two way radios whose reliability was less than stellar.  So with testing complete the new system uses bluetooth headsets that no longer require a bulky radio and tangled draping cords.

Inline image 1

Imaginarium Theater 
The best gifs of the week assembled by a teacher for use in the classroom as a reward for outstanding student performance. Hey, it works for me. My students work hard to get to see the Imaginarium Theater every week. 

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