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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Alex Anderson and Crystal Tolley Wed. May They Live Long and Prosper. The Voeks and the Funks Celebrate Additions to Their Households. The Imaginarium.

Alex and Crystal

Alex Anderson and Crystal Tolley married on January 14th.  Many long time Space Center volunteers and staff remember Alex from his many years at the Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center. Chances are that if you've been on a Space Center mission in the last decade or so, you've flown in a simulator partially or completely programmed by Alex.  Older staff and volunteers remember Alex as a flight director.  

The new USS Voyager was Alex's last space related project. Both he and his brother Brent wired the Voyager and programmed Flint, the ship's operating system.  

True to form, Alex wore his trademarked British cap to the reception. He must own a cap for every occasion. He confessed, after exhausting grilling, that he doesn't wear a cap to church. Other than that, anywhere and anytime is fair game for him. 

Seeing him in that cap reminded me of a previous wedding reception I attended recently.  Do you remember Ben Murdock's from a previous post?

Converse trainers are Ben's thing as seen in the photo above from his reception.  I sense a trend blossoming in the fashion wear of old time Space Center folks.  I even see the first signs of it in our youngest volunteers.  Where this accessory statement sprang from is unknown. It could be a direct result from a lack of vitamin D as they were growing up.  Both Alex and Ben spent much of their teen years sequestered away in the simulators, far away from the sun's nourishing rays.  

Alex and Crystal were surrounded by loving family and friends.  His big brother Brent and his wife Michelle, chaperoned by their beautiful daughter Evelyn, were on hand proving once again that one can live a normal post space center life!  

Alex's sister Natalie is the current Anderson flight director at the Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center.  Do you realize that the Space Center has been blessed with at least one Anderson volunteer / employee for the past decade if not longer?  

Matt Ricks was there as well on assignment to keep me company. Sometimes I need a social interpreter for events like this.  Matt was good to remind me who was who along with a few details I could use in casual conversation.  He'd already scouted the refreshment table and directed me to the 'good stuff'.  Thanks Matt for your assistance. I need to be sure you get an invite to every event I attend.  

These two outstanding young people were kind enough to keep me entertained for longer than they felt comfortable for sure.   Wyatt Lenhart and Hayley Warner are two old time Space Center staff and volunteers who grew up at the Center and have gone on to do some amazing things working on the Star Trek Continues web series. 

Bracken Funk and Wyatt (aka. The Red Blemish)

I reminded Wyatt that once a superhero, always a superhero.  While he may hide his true identity from those whom he has sworn to protect, I know that beneath the blue jacket and hoodie is the scarlet caped crusader for social justice, the one and only Red Blemish!  (a superhero title I gave Wyatt years and years ago in a blog post during an overnight camp. He wore a red jacket and scooted about on a red scooter.)  

Congratulations to Alex And Crystal on behalf of all Troubadours. May they live long and prosper.

Mr. Williamson

Two Future Space Enthusiasts Born. Greatness is Upon Us!

Casey and Katy Voeks are the proud parents of baby Weston Victor Voeks
Welcome to the world Weston Victor Voeks, born to Casey and Katy Voeks.  What a handsome youngster so blessed to have Victor as a middle name.  Strange having another Victor around. We are a rare breed you know.  

I must chastise Casey for using my name without proper clearance from the International Society of Victors and Victoria's (ISVV).  The ISVV strictly monitors the use of both names and is entrusted to issue naming privileges only after the expecting parents pass extensive background checks, along with personality assessments to determine above average intelligence, patience, and goodwill toward men. I interceded on their behalf and, cashing in every favor owed, obtained a naming warrant from the Victor Prime for young Weston.  After all, there is no doubt as to the character of Casey and Katy.
Welcome to the world young Weston Victor Voeks.  

Bracken and Lejana

Welcome to the world Nyal Quincy Funk, son of Space Center legend and all around great guy, Bracken Funk and of course his better half Lejana. Nyal is Bracken and Lejana's second child. 

Coming from such good parents we assume young Nyal will be blessed with his mother's looks and his father's skills in a simulator control room and on the basketball court.  Brains and a winning personality are givens.  Welcome to the world young Nyal.

Give both boys a decade or so of growing up then expect to see them featured on The Troubadour for their work in helping me run the Voyager. One will be responsible for pushing my wheelchair, adjusting my bib to capture the results of my eating disorder, and reminding me of what mission I'm telling for the thousandth time. The other will hold the microphone while I fly and be ready to switch it off the moment he hears me drifting off mission in rants of garbled nonsense and slurs of politically incorrect speech.

Mr. Williamson

The Imaginarium


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