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Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Red Blemish and Other Things. A Sunday Post.

This past week Bracken Funk got to meet The Red Blemish, his favorite superhero. The Red Blemish fights crime from his secret headquarters in his parent's basement. The Red Blemish stopped by the Space Education Center after hearing we were having problems with young delinquents , their chewing gum and our carpets. (Word has it the Red Blemish was pulled over by Pleasant Grove's Police Department after leaving the Space Center and ticketed for duct taping over his scooter's license plate to conceal his identity).

Hello Troops,
We finished the first week of school without any major inconveniences. Let's take a moment to give Fortuna a wink and a nod in thanks for leaving the Space Center alone and focusing her mischiefs on the eastern seaboard of the United States. We are impressed - aren't we? In one week they experienced an earthquake and hurricane. No wonder its been so quiet in Pleasant Grove.

I was going to post the latest Space Center pictures (news and honors) but forgot my camera at the school. Sunday is my day of leisure, laziness and slothfulness; that means I won't drive to the school to get the pictures. I realize the disappointment might be more than you can manage, but I've got my "I don't give a darn" shirt on and, well, that's about it. You'll have to wait.

Instead I've decided to take you with me on a walk through around the Imaginarium to see what we can see. Slip on your shoes and let's see how creative people can be.

Does this seem strangely familiar? You got it! The control rooms of the Voyager and Magellan.
There are more similarities than differences :)

I know the staff are thinking I'm in that crowd watching and 'managing'. Well, what you don't see in the picture above is another hole twice a deep and wide just to the left and out of the camera's view. I'm the one at the bottom of that hole laboring in a cloud of dust and dirt, setting an example for all. Yes sir, setting an example for all. Please, no applause............... Thank you.

Hello, I'm a teenager and I'm indestructible. Nothing can hurt me. I spit in the face of gravity and common sense. I laugh at reason. Rational thinking won't find a home in my devolving brain. I'm a teenager. Watch me roar............ (Stupid, Stupid and Stupid. This young man and Nature are on a collision course and it won't be pretty).

My thoughts on Facebook Friends. Are you with me?

Target has a special on previously parented kids. 3 for $10 is quite a steal. Look they can read and know how to sit quietly. Better hurry - there are only three left.

For you Battlestar Fans.

True, how true.

The power of a Space Center worker's mind should be labeled dangerous. We should be required to wear stickers, warning the general population to stand back at least four feet away. Our brains, and the power of the thoughts that emanate from them, have been known to cause hallucinations and minor nose bleeding.

Wonderland Primary School had picture day yesterday. Albus Arnold doesn't care for school pictures, as evident in Room 7's class photo. After three failed attempts to garnish even the slightest smile from his weaned on a pickle appearance, his teacher had an epiphany.

"Albus, we're going to the Space Center on a field trip this year!"

Albus frown turned upside down into the best smile he's ever given a school picture. His parent's were so pleased to finally have a good picture of Albus to put on their living room's wall they volunteered to pay for the entire field trip themselves.

Etc. etc. and etc.

Have a Great Sunday and I'll see many of you this week in the trenches.

Mr. W.

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