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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thursday and a Bit of Quiet.

Hello Troops,
It's very quiet at my desk. The only thing I hear is the rhythmic metallic sound of a tether ball clasp striking its pole in the breeze outside. I've got to be careful not to get use to this. I may get to like it and then where would we be? Normally I've got people circling around me like vultures over fresh road kill. Their squawking is accompanied by the various sounds of three simulators in full operation: explosions, red alerts, music and the voices of 25 children and a dozen staff or so perfectly blended together.

I've answered my emails and taken a few phone calls. I'll be leaving the Center and the Imaginarium in a few minutes, trek down There and Back Again Lane to the station and in a wink be back to the Land of Here and Now.

On my ride to the Imaginarium this morning (notice how empty the public transport is. Not many people are needed when the Space Center isn't operating) I saw Nannie Peeples Ray. Nannie lives at 23 1/2 Littlepuddle Lane in Wonderland. Nannie is the Secretary of Sweet Dreams in the Department of Visions and Hallucinations. She looked exhausted so I didn't disturb her.

Normally Nannie works the Western Hemisphere, but her counter part, Velora Umlauft (eastern hemisphere sweet dreams) called in sick. Nannie took Velora's last two shifts in addition to her own, leaving her exhausted and at times irritable. This irritability manifested itself by a shortage of sweet dreams world wide. Hopefully Velora will be at her desk this evening so Nannie can go home and get some sleep.

Snape was more 'hip' than anyone thought.

How much would someone have to give you to walk very slowly through this,
arms to your side?

Now if the environmentalist would use this as their "Call to Action" I'm sure the response would be overwhelming.

A new logo for the London Olympics of 2012.

A new take on the traditional Duct Tape. Fantastic imaginations at work.

As they say, "There is always another way to skin a cat." I don't know why they say that, or perhaps it is something only said in South Dakota where I come from - where it is always best not to ask about the meat in your taco.

Halley's Comet swings by the Earth once every 75 years.

Farmer Nash is fed up with missing and disfigured cows and crop circles.

And Aren't we all?

Have a Great Day!
I'll see you in the trenches in less than one week.

Mr. W.

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