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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

August 2. The Work Continues.

"Haven't I seen you somewhere before?"
(For you Dr. Who Fans)

Experts predict there will be world wide mass panic when we discover other intelligent life forms in the universe. Perhaps the older generations may be shaken up, but what about the kids? I think they'll weather the discovery just fine. They were raised believing 'We are Not Alone', and the Space Education Center plays a part in that. I believe the day is coming sooner rather than later. It's time to start considering the possibility......

Hello Troops,
Another day of maintenance and improvements at the Space Education Center. I arrived at 11:00 A.M. to catch up on emails and phone calls and was pleased at the progress our Imagineers were making on the Magellan. It's "Full Steam Ahead!" to accomplish everything on the to do list in the short amount of time we are closed. Here are the latest pictures right off the press.....

You'll notice the light and sign panels are up around the ship. The signs will be installed once we get the blue side plastic. They look awesome.

Nate E. and Justus F. helped today. They are smiling, even though they were just given the nasty job of clean up.

While Nate and Justus were cleaning up, Kyle Jones and Jon Parker worked on the Magellan's new Security Brig. Here you see them installing the floor.

Construction wasn't the only thing on today's Space Center agenda. From 3:00 P.M. to 7:00 P.M. our Programming Guild worked on installing the newest Cocoa software in the Galileo simulator. Matt Long was in the computer lab working on a few bugs when I snapped this photo earlier this afternoon.

And Now, Imagination at Work........... The Imaginarium

She comes across as the kind of woman who would have no problem raising a gaggle of kids while still holding down a job. Would you give her back talk if she were your mom?

Congratulations to the Imagineer who dreamed this up. Take your run of the mill styrofoam cup, add a bit of imagination, and you've given your customers something to admire and enjoy while they sip their favorite beverage. The concept is brilliant.

Imagination makes the ordinary, extraordinary. Watch, Listen and Learn from the best here in the Imaginarium.
Yep, some people are all show and no substance. Learn to tell the difference.
An imaginative way to teach an important lesson on looking deep for real worth.

It all starts with you and your attitude. Believe you can't make a difference and you won't. Believe you can make a difference and you might - with hard work and imagination. There are no guarantees. How will change ever come about if YOU don't try?

Braincakes, a rare delicacy here in the Imaginarium.
Why don't you see things like this at your neighborhood WalMart or Macey's Bakery?

I'm imagining how cool it would be to see one of these floating by on Utah Lake!

Have a Great Evening!

Mr. Williamson
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