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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hold on, It Could Be a Bumpy Ride

Hello Troops,
Its the start of my 29th school year at Central School right here near beautiful downtown Pleasant Grove, home of the Hart's Gas Station's Big Chill! Much has changed since that first bell rang in August of 1983 but the basics remain the same. There are teachers, there are students and there are the brick enclosures that keep us in company. Every day we have this transfer of knowledge from us old timers to the millions of younglings who will inherit the best and the worst of who we are, what we've learned and what we've done to and for the planet.

At 8:45 A.M. I walked out into bright sunlight wearing my fluorescent orange crossing guard's vest (my pumpkin suit). The front of the school was already crowded with students all decked out in their new clothes and shoes. They looked at me. Some wondered who I was and why I was wearing that funny looking vest. Others knew I was a teacher and stepped back to give me a wide berth. A few managed a cautious smile. I said "Good morning!" Some responded, while others couldn't be bothered.

I took my place at the point where 100 East intersects 400 North. It's my special spot. My shoes and that section of concrete have been the best of friends every school day morning for over ten years. I know that road intimately. I've witnessed the effects of time and weather on the telephone pole I use for shade on bright warm mornings. I've seen nearly two full cycles of children cross my street. I introduced myself to them as Kindergartners and met them every morning at that spot until they graduated from the 6th grade and moved on to Junior High. When I'm gone I expect they'll put up a memorial obelisk to my honor just like the ones erected for the Egyptian Pharaohs. It will stand right on my spot near the crosswalk. Hieroglyphs describing my sidewalk exploits and achievements will adorn its four sides. It will be one of the wonders of Pleasant Grove.

I'm excited for another year. I'm grateful for the chance I have to work at the Space Education Center. I'm privileged to get to work with the finest kids in Utah.

Why not make this school year the best ever? Let's work hard in our classes, both as teachers and students? There will be bumps along the road and frustration over homework, there always is, so expect the good and the bad and plan accordingly. Just remember, you are in school to learn so put away the iphone, fasten your seat belt and tune in. It's your future we are talking about.

Now, its time to exercise the imagination.....

Mr. W.

Where would the world be without sarcasm? It is one of evolution's masterpieces, the brain's way of releasing pressure without exploding.

The recipe for a perfect home.

And what will we find when this happens to us? What will we find when we
reach the Boundary between the universe of our physics and that which lies beyond?

What has happened to us? I'm sure you've noticed how every car produced in the world today looks alike. Where is the imagination of design?

And finally, a secret gathering of time travellers.
The location will remain a secret.

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