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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

August 3. And Let There Be Light

And you thought your summer couldn't get any worse?

Yes friends, with the Space Education Center on vacation things are slowly deteriorating for the children here in Wonderland. Today, a special emergency relief concert was organized by the world wide charity "Save the Children" to try to occupy a few of their blank hours.

"The children are becoming disengaged without the Space Center," said one parent who brought her son to the concert hoping being with other children would get him to start talking again. "That spark of imagination is missing. Without it they are a tad depressed."

"Disengaged isn't the word for it Love," said a elderly passerby. "These kids are roaming the streets without a spark of life in them. I mean listen to that rubbish," the woman said referring to the tones coming from the accordion. "You know they're practically brain dead to be sitting through that."

Serious droughts of Imagination are being reported throughout Wonderland. One source says that children just stand in their swimming pools. The diving boards and water slides are empty. It's like the children no longer remember what they are used for. We are told children are going to movies and sleeping. Children are seen in the parks laying in the grass, staring blankly into the sky. Children are found in the libraries hiding under tables. Children at home are staring at their televisions, whether they are on or not.

The Space Center urges Courage and a stiff upper lip!

Keep Calm and Carry On.

Hello Troops,
A quick update today from the Space Center.

Kathy is back! The first sign that a new school year is upon us is the return of the school's secretary. Having her back in the office brings a balance to the force (and relief to the Space Center's creditors who have been waiting for payment checks for a few weeks now).

Kathy does our deposit, balances our books and cuts checks to businesses that don't accept credit cards. She also issues refunds to campers unable to attend their camps.

Welcome back Kathy!

Kyle, Jon, Nate and Justus are nearly finished with the installation of the Magellan's new signage. The lights were installed today. Tomorrow the signs go in and the project will be complete. Brittney (the Magellan's Set Director) came by today and gave her enthusiastic blessing.

"We are please by this new addition to the Magellan," she said in the Royal Plural. Brittney is one many people refer to in the plural - especially our campers. She wore white gloves and walked around the set waving to any who poked their head through to door out of curiosity.

Kyle and Justus are seen putting up the sheetrock on the Magellan's new Brig. Jon (unseen) was banging away under the Magellan's raised platforms.

You'll notice the secret escape route out of the brig right over Justus' shoulder. A bench will be built to conceal the opening. Shhhh, its a secret. Don't tell anyone. The Brig's floor is finished and carpeted. All is going according to plan. Our Maintenance Guild are top notch!

And now, a few items of interest from the Imaginarium.....

And perhaps my favorite today. A modern take on "The Wizard of Oz". Slightly darker than the film shot in the late 1930's.

Well, the word slightly might be an understatement.

Mr. W.

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