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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Announcing a New Space Education Center Program. Open Missions!

Armilda Breeze and her son Wilbur always wanted to come to a Space Center Party but couldn't.

I spoke with Armilda and Wilbur from my seat on the Wonderland Ferris Wheel. The Ferris Wheel is a great place to go and think through mission plots and scenarios while enjoying a good corn dog and snow cone.

"It was always a problem trying to get a group of people together who could come at the same time, now we can," Armilda said. We conversed while waiting for the Ferris Wheel to start moving.

Armilda was referring to the Space Center's new Open Mission Program, giving individuals and small groups an opportunity to attend the 2.5 hour party missions without having to put together a large group.

"Yes, Finally. No more stupid Ferris Wheel!" Wilbur shouted as he surveyed the grounds below looking for an unsuspected person to spit on. I saw him lock eyes on a pretty blonde girl roughly his age waiting in the line to board the Ferris Wheel.

Wilbur spit. The drippings missed the girl and landed in a boy's cotton candy. He looked up and held out his hand thinking it was the first drop of an incoming shower. Wilbur ducked down out of sight. Armilda realized what he'd done and slapped him on the back of his head. Armilda isn't one to allow spitting from a Ferris Wheel.

"Please excuse Wilbur. He has many of his father's grotesque mannerisms," she said apologetically.

I nodded and made a mental note to watch for Wilbur at the Space Center. I wanted to be sure to put him on any ship but the one I'd be flying.

For more information on Open Missions, look at the top of the Blog's right side bar and come and join Armilda and Wilbur on an Open Mission at the Space Center. Mind you, Wilbur was grounded for spitting so you may have to wait a week or two if you want to go with him.

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