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Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Magellan Update and our Brush with KAOS.

Chester Wallow works for KAOS (pronounced chaos) as an undercover agent. He was spotted at one of our summer camps making contact with CONTROL. The laws of physics teach us that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The same is true for imagination. KAOS works to counter the Imaginarium's work world wide. Recently they've made some gains in the 13 - 17 year old age range but hope to make inroads into the 10 - 12 year old range.

"Destroy their dreams and aspirations and you've capture their spirit and soul," said one captured agent under interrogation by Maxwell Smart. Keep your eyes open troops. KAOS could be watching YOU!

Hello Troops,
Work on the Magellan moves ahead. The panels are in!

The walls in the transition hallway are exposed as Kyle, Jon and Nate install a sliding door seperating the tansition hallway into two sections, the Magellan hall from the Discovery Hall (where you turn next to the TV room and the new Brig). The sliding door will be control by a rope and pulley in the Magellan control room.

This is the first of many renovations underway at the Space Education Center. Cool isn't a good enough adjective to describe what's coming. It's time to book your next mission at the Center, or perhaps sign up for one of the open spots on the upcoming September Overnight Camps.

Sam Shell's imagination is on overload after visiting the Space Center. He wanted to come straight back after hearing about our Magellan improvements but couldn't - the Center is closed until August 17th. Sam decided to access the power and creativity of his own imagination. He succeeded, with a bit of help from the Imaginarium.


Chester Wallow is on to him and received orders from CONTROL to put an end to his silliness. Chester and a few of his comrades paid Sam's simulator a visit late one night. When Sam returned the following day he found his airplane gone and this spray painted on the wall.

A roadside sign from KAOS. Every agent is well trained in this tactic.

Two CONTROL agents photographed outside of Pleasant Grove. CONTROL is part of KAOS' administration. Field officers report to them. They in turn report to their nearest Safehouse.

We spotted a CONTROLLER late one night near the Space Center. Several of us discreetly followed to find KAOS' Utah County safehouse.

The shadowy CONTROLLER led us to the home of the Twitcher sisters. We knocked on the door and asked for an audience. We were instructed to leave. Half way down the drive a woman's voice shouted for us to stop. The sisters appeared.

They denied knowing Chester Wallow. They claimed to have no knowledge of Sam Shell. Their faces twitched when we questioned them about KAOS. We knew from their expressions that our questioning was uncomfortable.

"We live a quiet life," one sister said. I didn't know which one. They both looked, spoke and dressed alike.

"You're imagination has gotten the best of you. Get it under control before something happens," the other hissed with a snake like voice while brushing away a persistent fly.

I showed them pictures of our Magellan improvements. They shook with rage.
"There's a chill in the air," one said to cover her emotional reaction. "Time for you to go." The sisters turned back toward the safehouse.

We turned back toward town.
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