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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Space Education Center Opens Tomorrow for the School Year Season

Children forming a Que to get on a bus for Wonderland and the Space Center.
There is order now. That will change and chaos expected once the announcement is made that all available missions for opening day are reserved. Wonderland's shop keepers are boarding their windows in case of rioting. The Constables carry stink bombs and super soakers if the situation on the streets gets out of hand.
"This is Wonderland, not London," the Chief Constable said. "There will be peace."

Hello Troops,
Word is spreading that the Space Center is opening tomorrow for the 2011/12 school year season. The Wonderland Transport Authority made preparations for the opening, anticipating an increase in ridership. All standby trains and buses will be drafted into service. The Underground Service will open earlier with the first trains leaving the World of Here and Now for Wonderland at 3:00 A.M. The Imaginarium, Wonderland's largest industry, announced all vacations and requests for personal leave will be discouraged for a fortnight.

"We need all hands on deck," bellowed the Head of Personnel during a staff meeting held earlier today. "No vacations or personal leave allowed....." He paused for a moment to think through his next statement. He cleared his throat, looked at his assistant over labor affairs, and continued. "And I'll be very very sceptical of anyone calling in sick. With the Space Center back in full operation, the world's children will again be accessing their higher level brain functions. Imaginings will be exiting our portals at a phenomenal rate."

His assistant shook her head knowing her boss couldn't restrict employee sick days. She knew it was his way to sometimes speak before thinking. She also knew she would be busy putting out fires once the Imagineering Union caught wind of her Director's directives.

With few seats available on public transport, children and Imaginarium employees are finding creative ways to get to the Space Center.

Maureen Trudy Eddy found one of Wonderland's old entrances, not used since the end of the last world war. This entrance will take her from the World of Here and Now directly to the northern most end of There and Back Again Lane. There are many such entrances to Wonderland, all built during the war to help children escape the horrors of a world gone mad and find refuge in a happier place.

Jordan Spun set off for the Imaginarium by dog sled several weeks ago from the far north . The Siberian Poodles are bred to withstand Wonderland's cold and unfriendly Poles. Antoinette is the lead poodle. She keeps the other dogs in line with a bark and cold stare if necessary.

Fiona Maglebee McPhey is properly dressed for the opening but may be delayed due to a puncture on her bicycle. She is rather upset and wonders why her Mummy or Poppy are not present to address the problem.

"Mummy and Poppy are always right here when I need them," Fiona said between sobs when it became apparent she lacked the skill to repair the puncture without soiling her new dress with extra frills.

Peter Bowls Buffin is a stubborn child. He missed his train and was last seen hitchhiking along the W1, Wonderland's main highway joining the World of Here and Now to the Central Station. He has a seat on the Magellan's 7:45 A.M. Wednesday mission. It is an appointment he made himself without his parent's permission or knowledge.

We have an update on Peter Bowls Buffin. He was picked up a cousin who also happens to have a ticket on the same mission. They are currently fueling and resupplying at a truck stop. Peter called his mother and told her where he was and not to worry. Peter's mother agreed to let him continue. He will be grounded for two weeks when he returns. Peter says the punishment is deserved but he couldn't let his ticket go to someone else.

"No kid is that generous with a Space Center ticket," he told the waitress at the truck stop cafe where the pair were eating their supper.

"I never been," the waitress said.

"You've not been to the Space Center?" Peter was surprised. He thought every kid had a chance to go to the Center at least once before their imaginations petrified.

"Not Never," the waitress emphasised her statement by tapping Peter on his head with a spoon. She paused to see if Peter caught her meaning. Peter shrugged his shoulders and returned to his grilled cheese and soup. She frowned, wondering if Peter was rude or just born thick headed. "You could help a girl out by giving up your ticket. I'd be ever so grateful." The waitress smiled and tickled Peter on the chin.

"Do I look stupid to you? Push Off!" Peter voice startled the old couple in the booth beside theirs.

The waitress slapped the bill on the table, replaced her order tablet in her apron and walked in a huff. Peter returned to his supper. His cousin commented how lucky they were to already have their food.

Mr. Lawrence Liverpool, the Director of Legal Affairs for the Imagineer's Union, is on his way to the Imaginarium. The union president called him about the Director of Personnel's earlier comment regarding employees and the company's sick time policy. In his briefcase is a copy of the union's contract. The parts covering sick days are highlighted in yellow. Mr. Liverpool is not happy. He and his wife are expected at the Wilbur's home at 6:00P.M. for dinner and a few hands of bridge. This unwanted, unwarranted and unwelcomed disruption to his schedule will cause Wonderland's most punctual couple to be twelve minutes late to their dinner party . Mr. Liverpool is not happy and is considering using street language in his meeting with the Director.
Do you have your tickets to a Space Center Mission reserved?

I'll see all of you soon.

Mr. W.
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