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Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Mystery Called Aleta.

Aleta Clegg with her Universally Famous Paklid Pizza.
A Special Dessert for her Favorite Campers.
Children on her Naughty List are given the uneaten Twinkies from last year's camps.

Hello Troops,

Many ask, "How did she do it? How did one person manage our summer camp kitchen and feed 75 people three meals a day (we're not talking corn hash on a bun. We mean three good meals)?"

In a recent drinking fountain staff discussion I heard some hypothesize that Aleta Clegg must be a classically trained witch capable of managing multiple summer camp meals by flicking her Olivander Wand and pronouncing incantations with perfect elocution.

Another said he had inside information about Aleta from someone who knows someone who is related to someone who is related to Aleta. His source said that Aleta secretly hired extra kitchen help and kept them out of sight when others were around to maintain the illusion that she worked miracles.

"She is Mary Poppins," one of our younger volunteers said. "Practically perfect in every way."

A Flight Director wishing to remain anonymous listened intently. "She never went to bed. That's how she did it. One night I heard someone in the cafeteria at 4:00 A.M. I went to investigate - didn't find anything except the faint smell of Lemon Verbena."

"That's the kind of hand lotion she uses," another added. "Makes it herself from her own garden," another added.

Suffice to say, Aleta is a mystery. Previous attempts to figure her out have led to fainting spells and dementia. Doctors recommend we "Leave it alone."

Our Paklid Pizza.
"Yummy," said one camper. "I love red vines!"
"My mom won't let me eat pizza," said another. "Tomato paste gives me an upset tummy and
I'm lactose intolerant. I'll have a cookie please - if they don't have nuts. Nuts make me break out in hives."

Aleta serving supper on the second night of an EdVenture Camp.

Happy Campers preparing to "dive in".
The fresh pineapple seems to confuse this camper.
"What's wrong with this pineapple?" he asked. "Does it come out of a can?
We only eat things that come out of a can."

Happy Campers waiting for their supper.
(professional models).
While our campers are usually this cheerful, we thought it
best to hire professional child models to ensure a good picture.

Our staff mingle with the campers during meal times (ignore the fact that they are on one side of the table and the campers are on the other).

Our flight directors enjoy each other's company after a good meal in the camp cafeteria. Notice their jovial mood. Good food means a happy staff. A happy staff means happy campers. Happy campers means a happy Mr. Williamson. All because of Aleta Clegg - Pleasant Grove's very own Wonder Woman.

Casey comes to the Space Center for all his meals, even if he is not assigned to work. Yes, the food is that good.

"Je suis l'aimer. Bon Appetit!" as Casey likes to say before diving in.

"S'en aller. tu me dérange pas," is added if you linger too long while he is eating. Casey prefers to dine alone, except for a single candle (not seen because the school district banned open flames in the school. He keeps a Bic lighter in his pocket and lights it when no one is looking. We turn a blind eye, its Casey after all).

Have a Great Weekend!
Mr. W.
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