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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Yesterday and Captain America

Hello Troops,
Yesterday at the Space Center:
  • Christine and Skyler met to discuss improvements in the Odyssey (electrical and speaker wiring)
  • Alex continued his work on the Magellan's new starship controls (the Magellan is switching from a starbase to a starship).
  • Dave was in working on Phoenix issues.
  • I was there with my feet up on the desk giving orders while drinking pineapple juice from a coconut shell.
  • Kyle, Jon and Nate continued their work on the Magellan refit. I don't have pictures today because the signs are not installed. I'll post pictures as soon as they've made more visible progress.
  • Cory, our lightening specialist, came in to consult on additional red alert lighting for the Magellan.
I took a couple hours and spent them at the American Fork Cinemark. I was told Captain America was pretty good. I was hoping the film would have a good foundation in story and plot. Everyone who knows me knows I despise plot holes in movies. My policy is to throw popcorn while spitting, booing and hissing loudly when glaring gaps of logic are slathered across the silver screen by over paid screen writers and over confident directors. Needless to say, I go to most movies alone. Audiences should react negatively when writers, producers and directors underestimate their intelligence and think a few special effects and dazzling costumes will misdirect the theater goer's attention away the cancerous plot they couldn't or wouldn't remedy. Hollywood's writers are getting lazy. It's pure and simple.

How Hollywood sees the American Audience.

I didn't like Captain America for many reasons, one of which is illustrated above. It wasn't bad enough to throw away my 5 dollar popcorn but bad enough to feel like I was being slung through a muddy pig pen of story built around special effects.

The last time Missy when to a plotless movie the muck ruined her nice pink shoes.
Missy is going to the movie today well prepared.

I need something to wash away that bad taste in my mouth. A trip to the Imaginarium should do the trick.......

A New Take on Star War's Movie Posters

Anyone want to join me? The free donuts caught my attention.

A Correct Venn Diagram of the Space Education Center.

Perfect for the summer company that comes for a week or two!

And finally, what better way to remove the taste of bad film?
I'd pay 5 real American dollars for one of these (none of that phony Canadian stuff). Where? Where? Ah the humanity! To feast with eyes alone, leaving the tongue so unsatisfied.

Mr. W.
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