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Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Troubadours Wll Soon Gather.

I stand atop the castle wall. Behind me peasants mix and mingle in commerce. Before me, the Lord's fields lay under a patchwork quilt of greens, yellows and browns, partitioned by tan ribbons of road, carrying carts and peasants to and from the castle. The gray stone is warm to my touch. The sun effortlessly climbs through the ocean blue towards it rendezvous with noon.

I strain my eyes to the horizon looking for our troubadours. I'm anxious for their arrival. In three day's time we perform again, a fact which weighs heavily on my mind, yet here I stand alone - except for the company of our good carpenters who labored a fortnight repairing our stages.

The summer season was kind to us. Our travels took us to welcoming towns and villages. Our performances filled every bench, leaving many to stand. The gold and silver kept our fires bright and bellies full while thunderous applause warmed our hearts.

Soon the Troubadours will return to join in company as we prepare for Autumn's coming performances. It is the calling of a Troubadour, to tell tales and sing songs of what has been, what is now and what shall be to those who will listen. It is a good life.

I'm of a mind to keep the stone walls company for a short while yet until the bells call all to Mass.

And now, More from the Imaginarium......

The Russian Czar Nicolas II, King George of England and Louis XVI of France all forgot something. The working class is overwhelmingly large and patience with the governing elite is nearing an end. Heads roll in such uneasy times.

In America our revolutions come through the ballot box and our wallets. It is time to get involved, regardless of party or ideology. So our advice to Washington is....

Look at what people can create with imagination, education and hard work.......

Mr Bean would be on my short list of fictional characters I'd like as a friend, providing he was real of course. Never a dull moment with the man who dropped from the sky on a dark London evening.

Young Brits in training for next year's London Olympics.
Idiots one and all.

OK, I'm done with the riots. Time to move on.

Here you go, a simpler scanner.

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