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Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday. Friday. And Still its Friday

Hello Troops,
People entering our school immediately reach for something to steady their balance. The floors glimmer as if supporting a highly reflective layer of ice. Our custodians spent days waxing and polishing our floors. They did an excellent job.

Central School is the best, there is no room for debate or argument. I pity those of you not privileged to spend your elementary years in a school with outstanding teachers, a caring and gifted administrator, a beautiful campus and THE SPACE CENTER :)

I want to publicly thank Emily Paxman, Bracken Funk and Jon Parker for giving up two hours of their time last night working with me on the design and layout of the Voyager's new simulator controls. Sweet is the word some might use to describe them. Sick may be another. Groovy also comes to mind. It all depends on what side of the generational track you come from. Perhaps a homogenized expression would be suitable - Groovily Sweet and monumentally Sick!

And now, time to celebrate human imagination. I present today's findings in the Imaginarium.

The perfect gift for the lady in your life. M and M's in a Kit Kat Corral.

Brilliant. This is the mark of true inspiration.

And Winnie the Pooh says, "It was well worth it. Yes it was."

There are days my head spins at people's gullibility regarding the perception of Truth. Truth is more precious than gold and diamonds. Never stop questioning. Take no one's word for it.

Always seek 'truth'.
Never give up, even when disappointed.
And rejoice when it is found.

Watch Out London. The Police have back up.

Just something to celebrate the up coming start of the school year.

Mr. W.
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