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Sunday, May 14, 2017

TDSC and Battlestar Galactica. Meet My Top Geography Students. Two New Supervisors. Great New Logo Designs. Space News. Theater Imaginarium.

Telos Discovery Space Center Adopts Battlestar Galactica Pips.

We all know Megan and her ways of carefully blending of all things sci-fi into her work as program director at the Telos Discovery Space Center. This blending of universes took another step this week with the introduction of Battlestar Galactica command rank pips for her flight directors.  

I was a witness to the pipping of the Canyon Grove TDSC site manager Maeson Busk Friday evening.  Megan was proud to present him with Admiral Adama's pips signifying his position. The new pips, added to his flight director pips, have a tendency to fill every room he enters with golden light. He claims it's his warm, personable personality but we all know it's the gold pips.

Admiral Adama with pips

Maeson finds it difficult to walk upright with the weight of gold around his neck, but does pretty well with the help of a cane.

The Telos Discovery Space Center Gang all Pipped Out
They really are this happy - all the time. Strange isn't it?

Mr. Williamson's 6th Grade Top Geography Students Fly the Everest at TDSC. 

They're as good as Google Maps when it comes to finding any place on earth. Put them in space and it's "Lost in Space" I think they spent most of the mission chasing their own sensor shadow.  

I got an email from Megan Warner inviting me to bring students to a practice mission for a trainee flight director.  I was a win win solution to a problem. I needed to find a way to reward my top geography students for a year's diligent work at memorizing the nations of the world and Megan needed a test crew for a flight director pass.  

I made it to the last half of their mission due to a prior commitment on the USS Voyager. It was the final LDM mission for my Farpoint 4th and 5th grade Tiger Squadrons. Of course I supplied the required Vitamin Rings as a successful mission treat. What's a mission with Vitamin Rings?  

Mr. W.   

Meet Two New TDSC Supervisors

Meet Jennie and Jonathon. These two are our newest paid staff members here at the Telos Discovery Space Center (TDSC). They are both brand new supervisors that would love to get to know you and your crew mates. Have any of you flown with them yet? Share your stories! If you haven't, you really should. They're pretty awesome. Book an Everest mission or sign up for camps and come make some Jennie and Jonathon memories of your own!

Megan Warner
TDSC Director

More Entries in TDSC's Logo Contest. Which is Your Favorite?
by Megan Warner
TDSC Director

This design was sent to us by Nick Gibson. He grew up going to the Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center in Pleasant Grove, and loves space and sci-fi. His logo is filled with symbolism, as he listed like this:
1. Stretched outward is a classical wing design with sleek, sharp edges, consistent with the flight theme of real world space exploration organizations, carrying us upward.
2. At the center of the design is the symbol for Polaris, the northern star, which has guided mankind though the darkest voyages to find their way to a new worlds and adventures.
3. The external edges of the design resemble a 'T' with a downward triangular shape. The T obviously for 'Telos', and the downward triangle keeping us grounded, remembering our roots below as we ascend upward.
4. Polaris is highlighted by the wing shapes an an ellipse, drawing the attention inward, signifying that the stars are our aim, our Telos."
What do you think about this one?

Logo number two came from the mind of Michael Palmer. I think it looks rather like a NASA patch, don't you? Would you wear this on your sleeve?

Last but certainly not least, we have the design we got from Shayna Fairbanks. This intricate logo includes a nod to our parent company Telos U, especially in the gold as shown here. Can you find all the spacey elements Shayna put in it?

Space News
by Mark Daymont

200th EVA for ISS

US Astronaut Jack Fisher prepares to enter the airlock and go for a walk.
Although designated US-42, the spacewalk on Friday by two US astronauts was also the 200th spacewalk for the construction and maintenance of the International Space Station. Astronauts Peggy Whitson (NASA, Commander of Expedition 51) and Jack FIsher (NASA, Exp. 51 flight engineer, on his first mission in space) conducted a four hour spacewalk that was shortened due to problems with battery power in one of the suits.

During their EVA, they accomplished quite a bit of work. They replaced an avionics box supplying electricity to some experiments, a data connector to the Alpha Imaging Spectrometer, insulation on the Japanese robotic arm, and a shield cover on Pressurized Mating Adapter 3. In total, there have been almost 1248 hours of spacewalks since the first one in 1998.

For more information on station activities, go to: .

Imaginarium Theater
The Best Gifs of the Week Edited for a General Audience and Classrooms

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