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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Watch This Video on the Impact an InfiniD SimLab (Simulator Lab) has on a School in the Davis District. Posts from the Past: September 2000. Galileo Breaks New Ground. New Volunteers. Campers Comments, Bedroom Simulator, The Evil Lehi Bunnies! The Imaginarium.

Watch this Short Video on the Impact One InfiniD Lab has in the Davis School District.
The Spirit of the Voyager Lives On!

Post from the Past:
How the Galileo Broke New Ground 
Posted: September 2000

Once again the Galileo breaks new ground...and this time it is not the cafeteria's floor. Yes, the most state of the art ship...Galileo is yet again the front runner in the technology battle. 

Galileo the first ship to have an ethernet network has been improved. Yes it still is a 
box, but I am talking about technology. The Galileo was the first ship to have a computer with a 400+ mhz processor. The Galileo was the first to have laptops. Galileo was the first to have all computers capable of DVD. And Galileo has done it again. Galileo...the first ship to have a DVD player. Yes, the laserdisc player that we (actually only Kyle) loved has a nice LCARS picture from Star Trek First Contact has replaced the old circle. One more thing is that the sound for the Galileo has been redone. No longer does the Galileo rely on the
camera for it's sound in the control now has a new microphone so that the sound will be sent back in a much more pleasing fashion. You all know how cramped the Galileo's control room was....well not any more. The Galileo's control room has been 
rearranged and is now more organized and more more visually appealing than even the Odyssey's.

Just for the record:

Galileo's firsts:

400+ mhz computers
DVD player
100 disc CD changer
All music is CD..not a tape in site!

I am sure there is more, but if this amount of gloating does not stir up controversy who knows what will.

Galileo Staff

Post from the Past: New Volunteers. AJ Birrell, Bailey Hodson, Wayne Sandholtz, and Matthew Rowley.
From September 11, 2000

Hello Voyagers!
I'm please to announce the appointment of 3 new members into the Voyager Society. AJ Birrell, Bailey Hodson, Wayne Sandholtz, and Matthew Rowley have been taken from the Applicant's in Waiting pool into the Society pending their approval and a review of their grades.

Congratulations to all three. 
Also good news to others in the waiting pool - the pool has become smaller. A special thanks to all in the waiting pool for coming in to interview. The interview process was very beneficial. It is good to match faces with email addresses.

Mr. Williamson

Post from the Past: Campers Comments After the Overnight Camp. Posted: September 11, 2000

Hello Voyagers!
We finished another good overnight mission. All flight directors agreed this last crew was very good. The crew's comments about their mission are listed below:

"I loved the simulators"
"It was great! It made my Brain Think"
"The Missions were challenging and fun!"
"It was the coolest school I have ever been to"
"So Intensive"
"It seems real when you're in the simulator"
"The stations are cool and I love the missions. It lets me use my imagination!"
"It has tons of awesome stuff. It was so much fun"
"I like it here because it's fun and you get to use your imagination"
"I like that there was a job for everyone and it was fun."
"It was fun and educational"
"This place is the funnest place on EARTH!"
"You get to meet people, You have to think. I love being here. I will come back!"
"It ROCKS!!! It was so cool and your actors are very good. Thank you for letting me come!"
"I love everything about this place"
"The simulators, actors, and learning experiences are what I like. And everything else!"

A special thanks to all for making this place "the funnest place on Earth!"

Mr. Williamson

Post from the Past: New Volunteers Builds Simulator in Bedroom Closet.  Posted: September 14, 2000

As some of you may know I run my own simulator out of my bedroom closet. 

Today my mother made a great announcement! A room in our house will soon be designated as the "computer lab" and she said I can run my Simulator in there. I now have an entire room to use as a simulator!!!!

I NEED YOUR HELP!In honor of this new expansion I would like to create a new ship. 
The name right now is the U.S.S Gondor. Please do one of 3 things:

1. Give me a suggestion for a new name
2. Tell me to stick with the name now
3. Tell me to stop torturing children in my neighborhood by making them come to my simulator.

Thank you

Brad Cummings

P.S. If any one would like to donate an appletalk connector it would be greatly appreciated.

Post from the Past: The Evil Bunnies. Only the Real Old Timers Remember the Evil Bunnies from Lehi; the Space Center Staff's Mortal Enemies!
Posted: September 14, 2000

If steven was taken over by the Evil bunny's I say we take Rio hostage to get the "STEVE MAN" back. What do you guys think? Well lets put this plan into action! How about it Mr. Williamson?!?!? Oh yah congrats to the 4 applicants in waiting, who now are on the AWESOME Voyager Society.

Long Live the "STEVE MAN!"

Bryson Lystrup.

P.S. What will we do for the "Grand Poo-Pah?" Soren looks like this is your chance.

The Imaginarium

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