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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Telos to Expand the Hyperion Simulator at their Vineyard Campus. The Imaginarium.

Our associates at Telos Discovery Space Center are pleased to present the newly updated plans for Utah County's newest simulator,  the Hyperion to be housed on the 3rd floor of their newly completed Vineyard, Utah campus.  Dr. Ryan Anderson, Executive Director Telos DSC, recently received approval for a larger starship complete with a dedicated sick bay, a distinct engineering section, and a redesigned bridge.  The estimated build time is three months, with some more time after that to get it fully functioning. 

The Hyperion will be Telos Discovery Space Center's third ship after the Everest and Pathfinder located at Canyon Grove Academy in Pleasant Grove.  

Telos is a residential school which specializes in helping teenage boys deal with depression, anxiety, substance abuse, addiction, social problems, and learning difference.  Their caring staff use proven clinical therapies coupled with the power of healing relationships to promote deep, lasting change.  Their aim is to help their teens live principle-based lives characterized by insightful choice. Telos is a place where boys can find clarity, healing, and direction. 

The Hyperion will play a role in the school's academic curriculum and in the students' therapy.  I'm excited to see simulator based experiential education used in a therapeutic setting.  The insights Telos derives from this groundbreaking work will benefit the entire space center movement.  

Mr. Williamson          

Telos Academy Vineyard Utah Campus

The Imaginarium

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