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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Maintenance Week at the Space Centers. Lindsey Hatch is Given Dual Citizenship at Both the CMSEC and the TDSC.

Isaac Ostler reworks the server racks at Farpoint

Maintenance Week at the Space Centers. Summer Camp Season is Here.

The concept of a maintenance week began in June 1991. I was gearing up for the Space Center's first summer camp season. We only had the Voyager that first summer and the simulator needed work - lots of work.  I couldn't close the center until the school year ended - field trips you know.  To get the needed maintenance/repairs done I needed to close the first week of June. I called it Maintenence Week and it stuck. 

The space centers held their individual maintenance weeks this week.  

Farpoint at Renaissance Academy, Lehi  

There is a long list of things on Farpoint's To Do list.  Item one was the reworking of the server racks. Cutting the shelve the DMX servers sit on so it fits nicely in the lockable compartment was the toughest job of the day.  Spencer, Isaac, and Jensen managed to power their way through without a cut or scratch. Isaac complained that something had penetrated his defenses and lodged in his eye. A metal shaving was my guess.  

Success!  While not pretty, the shelve was cut back and will fit in the box.  Have hacksaw, will demolish is their new motto.  A dozen or so other projects are waiting so Farpoint's maintenance week will continue into next week

Telos Discovery Space Center, Pleasant Grove. 

TDSC was more ambitious with its maintenance week.  Megan Warner and crew brought the Pathfinder simulator in from its regular space duties with Colonial Command for a complete makeover.

TDSC Canyon Grove Location Manager Maeson Busk is seen above working his way through the sheetrock and engineering platform.  Maeson knows to wear protective eyewear.

More work in the Pathfinder and it's got to be quick. The simulator launches next week to take dozens of crews in both camp and private missions.

The Pathfinder's engineering platform is being extended to create a full raised back level similar to the tiered levels in the Everest.  Matt Ricks, programmer extraordinaire, was on hand to offer his volunteer support. 

Maeson Busk and the team examine a slight hiccup in the design of the new platforms. The top step is an inch or so shorter than the other steps. A tripping hazard as pointed out by yours truly, the harbinger of bad tidings.  I don't know how that ended up being resolved.  

The TDSC's main hallway, a sign that maintenance week has taken a firm hold on the establishment.

The Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center

Of course, the CMSEC held it's annual summer maintenance week.  I haven't had the opportunity to stop by and witness the marvels myself but give me a few days and I'll post an update on the improvements you can expect when flying at the CMSEC.

In the meantime, how about a few pictures from maintenance 2014.

Lindsey Hatch Hired as a Supervisor at the Telos Discovery Space Center AND Continues as a Supervisor at the Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center. A Dual Space Center Citizen. 

TDSC's Rachel Welcomes Lindsey Hatch to the Supervisory Staff

Maeson Busk prides himself on being the first multi-space center employee. He works at Lakeview Academy's Lions Gate Center, he is a flight director at Farpoint in Lehi and is the location manager at TDSC's Canyon Grove location.  He is the perfect example of how someone can work at multipe space centers, adapting to each space centers' expectations and culture.  

Lindsey Hatch is following in Maeson's footsteps by accepting a supervisor position at the TDSC at Canyon Grove Academy.  Lindsey will continue her work as a Magellan supervisor and as the CMSEC's Acting Guild manager.  

Lindsey is an outstanding employee, always cheerful and ready to work.  Her favorite saying, "Hey, what's been the highlight of your day so far?"   

Congratulations Lindsey!  You're a valuable asset and example to others that working at multiple centers can and does work.  

Mr. Williamson    

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