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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The CMSEC Space Center Offers a Free Camp. Telos Discovery Space Center's New Logo. Like Lion's Gate on Facebook. Do Space Center Workers See the Sun? Interning at the Lion's Gate Center. Theater Imaginarium.

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The Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center Offers a Free Camp. Don't Miss This Opportunity

By James Porter, Director

Hello friends of the Space Center,

We are sending out information about a FREE camp that we are hosting as a part of a group of MIT & Harvard students riding bikes across America and teaching STEM.  They'll be at the Space Center on August 7th to offer four different hands-on STEM workshops for Jr. High & High School students.

Click here to register online to attend the camp.  Students can attend two of the four workshops.

We have been contacted by a Stanford-based group looking to visit us in July.  Watch our CAMPS website for those openings or sign up for our Frequent Flyer email list for updates.  This list is also a good place to find out about discounts like our current 10% off code to celebrate Strawberry Days in PG.  Use the code STRAWBERRY before June 24th for a discount on any new camp registrations.

Also, we appreciate your help in sharing your experiences with others.  We are able to keep costs down so that more can attend our amazingly unique program because we don't spend money on advertising.  Almost all of you came for a field trip at some point or heard about us from a friend.  Please be our friend and tell someone you know about us.  Like us on Facebook and tag us in your photos on one of our simulators, it goes a long way to spreading the joy of this program.

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Thank you for your support of our program.

-Mr. Porter

Telos Discovery Space Center's New Logo

The decision has been made. The folks at Telos Discovery Space Center settled on a new logo.What do you think?  I see a star, our sun, and our moon.  I like it. 

Do Space Center Workers Ever See the Sun?

Audrey is a supervisor at the Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center.  She sent this picture showing the tans (or lack thereof) of some of the volunteers and staff. Sadly they spend all their days inside space ships. Notice how they organized their tans from lightest to darkest.  This is what you do when you have a moment or two to kill between missions.  

Sad as those tans are, they wouldn't hold a candle to the dead chicken white of my legs, which haven't seen the sun in over 20 years. My fear of ruining several of The Troubadour's readers' childhoods prevents me from posting a picture.  I'm sure you understand.  

The Lion's Gate Center is on Facebook. Give it a Like.

Lakeview Academy's Lion's Gate Center is on Facebook. Director Nathan King would sure appreciate you're taking a "Like" to the new page.  

Lion's Gate Center is Looking for Great Interns 
The bridge of the Apollo at Lion's Gate
Just like its sister centers, Lion's Gate is on the lookout for students interested in becoming interns. Lakeview Academy students are a shoe in considering Lion's Gate is part of their school.  Non-Lakeview Academy students are welcome to apply as well though the details of how the program will work haven't been finalized.  

Nathan King welcomes Jace Brooks, Cameron Gines, Claire Dixon, and Jake Machuca to the Lion's Gate Intern Program. They are the first of many.  

Theater Imaginarium
The best gifs of the week. Enjoy your summer holiday

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