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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Space Center's Original Blue Shirt Supervisors 1990- 2000 Plus Other Posts from the CMSEC's First Blog: September 2000. The Imaginarium.

Blast from the Past: Reposts from the Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center's First Blog/Egroup SpaceEdVentures

The First 35 Blue Shirt Supervisor from Opening Day in 1990 to September 2000

Originally Posted: September 20, 2000

Hello, Voyagers. 
As we approach our tenth anniversary I want to make sure all those that made student staff "Blue Shirt" level are recognized. According to my records (my memory), and you know how that can be, this is the order in which they or you came on board.

These seniority numbers may be wrong so I'm asking those that may know to look this list over and send me the changes that have to be made. Remember, this is the seniority of when you got your blue shirt and started getting the gift certificates not when you first started coming to the Center to volunteer. 

Staff Positions:
1. Jake Mattson
2. Tony Grover
3. B.J. Hatch
4. Jillbear Hatch
5. Jacob Bartlett
6. Joe Jordan
7. Clint Sanderson
8. Russell Smith
9. Nate Bullock
10. Bart Mills
11. Gary Nuila
12. Jed Farley (?)
13. Dale Richards
14. Bill Neville
15. Ryan Davis
16. Josh Webb
17. Chris Call
18. David Merrell
19. Shayne Skaggs
20. Tyler Moore
21. Brian Hawkins
22. Joe Lambson
23. Stephen Porter
24. Allan Stewart
25. Luke Mattson
26. Weston Sampson
27. Jason Hills
28. Kyle Herring
29. McKay Erickson
30. Robbie Duclos
31. Daniel Slothower
32. Rio Downs
33. Randy Jepperson
34. Brandon Chase
35. Brady Young

Originally Posted: September 22, 2000

Hello Voyagers!
A special Thank You to Bill Schuler and Kyle Herring for going above and beyond the call of duty with a potential
disaster in the Magellan. 

Wednesday evening construction continued in Discovery (the name for the new science center). The walls connecting Discovery with Magellan were sanded. Unfortunately, thick clouds of dust from the sanding enveloped the Magellan control room and the Magellan itself. The dust covered the carpet and all of the
equipment. Mr. Schuler closed the Magellan all day Thursday. Bill, Kyle, and Ryan spent the day removing all the equipment from the Magellan control room and used an air pump to blast the dust out of everything. The walls and carpet were then scrubbed. The computers were tested last night around midnight, Kyle finally finished putting the Magellan control room back together after rearranging several things. The Magellan control room is totally different in its layout. Mr. Aldridge is extremely happy with the results. 

Again thanks to a great staff that go above and beyond the call of duty. 

Mr. Williamson

Hello Voyagers!
I'm seperating my messages so you can pick and choose what you what to read. Today I gave permission for a phone system to be arranged for the Magellan. Kyle Herring connected a phone in the Magellan control room to the communications officer out on the Magellan bridge. Now voice messages can be sent directly to the 
Magellan communciations officer. This will assist in sending work to the various stations in the Magellan without the entire bridge hearing everything spoken. 

The primary complaint we receive from crews in the Magellan is the lack of work they receive during a mission and of course that can lead to a feeling that they did nothing to assist in the successful outcome of a mission. By installing a telephone system and revamped Damaged Reports we are beginning to address some of the complaints. You see, we really to read and listen to the feedback we get from our customers!

The Magellan, under Mr. A's leadership, is our primary example of how a school can take a computer lab and turn it into an outstanding interactive simulator. Look for more exciting things to follow not only in the Magellan but the Odyssey as well. And don't forget the Falcon. There will be a major change in the Falcon coming in January!

Never a dull moment at the Space Center!

Mr. Williamson

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