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Thursday, June 8, 2017

The First Summer Camps Done. Improvements to the CMSEC's Simulators. Telo's Discovery Space Center's Leadership Team and Mission Statement. The CMSEC on BYUTV's Story Trek. The Imaginarium.

CMSEC's First Summer Camp Wrapped Up with Many More to Go. Plus, Improvements to the Simulators

One camp down, many, many, many more to go. We wanted to send a special shout out to the great businesses who are helping us to provide some quality food options for our campers. Thanks: Macey'sFirehouse Subs The Meadows, and Cravings Bistro.
Also, thanks to all of the staff and volunteers who helped out this last week as we fixed up the ships and put in some improvements. All new chairs throughout the Odyssey, new Galileo lighting, Magellan sliding door repaired, Phoenix rumblers to rattle our bones, and lots and lots of cleaning.

Mr. James Porter
CMSEC Director

Item 1:  The Magellan's sliding door is repaired.  Did you know that the Magellan even had a sliding door?  Kyle Herring and Dan Adams installed the door when the new Magellan was remodeled. It use to open automatically using pressurized air.  The air compressor was stored in the attic above the storage room just north of Central School's stage. The door was a continual maintenance issue. At one point my patience was exhausted and we abandoned the automatic feature.

Item 2:  New lighting for the Galileo.  I'm happy to see something other than neon blue lights the simulator came with.  There's blue, then there was Galileo blue.  

Item 3:  New chairs for the Odyssey simulator.  Those of you not in the simulator business may not realize that chairs can be the number one maintenance issue of any simulator; especially the captain's chair.  Captains are rough on their chairs. They pick at the arms, bounce up and down - which eventually wears out the chair's up and down piston.  

Telos Discovery Space Center Leadership Team

The Leadership Team Meeting. Yes, that's my Diet Dew occupying a place at the table. It was respectful and kept its opinions to itself. Mt. Dew is to be enjoyed not heard 

The TDSC's Leadership Team meets weekly at their headquarters at Telos U in Vineyard, Utah. I attended this week's meeting. The usual housekeeping items were reviewed: numbers of private missions, camp attendance, staffing and volunteering issues. TDSC vision and climate issues were discussed with one question driving the discussion:"What is the team culture we want to cultivate at the TDSC and how can it be achieved?".  

Dr. Ryan Anderson, executive director TDSC, highlighted several areas of expansion being explored starting with the completion of the Hyperion simulator at Telos U within the next three months. The simulator's original design was recently expanded to occupy more of the school's second floor. InfiniD will temporarily move their offices to from the second floor to the third floor during the Hyperion's construction.  

If you know the people sitting at the table in the photo above, you understand the talent and commitment which lies at the core of the TDSC. Their talents, in addition to the outstanding people at the Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center, InfiniD, Farpoint, and The Lions Gate Center provide Utah's children with the best experiential simulator-based learning experiences in the world.  

Utah should be proud.

On a side note, at a previous meeting Maeson, Emma, Tristin, Sarah, and Rachel developed a mission statement for the TDSC.

The Telos Discovery Space Center's mission is to build character, creativity, and curiosity by means of: 
- Creating an accepting environment that fosters individuality.
- A meaningful and positive connection with the community. 
- Dynamic stories with a lasting impact.

That pretty much sums it up.

Mr. Williamson

BYU TV Visits the Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center for Story Trek

The Imaginarium

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