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Sunday, July 31, 2022

New Flight Directors and Supervisors at the Christa McAuliffe Space Center. Video: We Have Too Much Fun in Our Ships! Imaginarium Theater

     Tis the season of promotions at the Christa McAuliffe Space Center in Pleasant Grove.  Several of the Center's top volunteers worked hard to earn their Blue and Navy over the last several months. Yes friends, it is all in the color. Volunteers wear traditional black. From black, a volunteer can enter the CMSC's Staff Training Academy and work their way to Supervisor Blue and / or Flight Director Navy.  

     Let's take a moment to congratulation our newest inductees into the Supervisors and Flight Director's Guilds.  


      Jackson and Kaleen (Cassini)

Nan (Cassini) and Rylan (Magellan)

     I work with Jackson, Kaleen, and Nan on the Starship Cassini.  Their promotions are well deserved. They were trained under the watchful eye of Jon Parker, Cassini Set Director.  Helping them along their journey to Supervisor Blue was Ellie, Hyrum, and JJ.  
     Jackson is our long distance supervisor. He lives in the north country and travels to the Space Center first by stagecoach, then train, and bus.  The final 1/2 mile or so is done on foot.  That's roughly a 2 hour journey give or take. That's dedication.  Jackson has a great sense of humor. He kindly laughs at most of my jokes. I appreciate that. 
     Kaleen spends summers at her family's home in PG and attends school in Cedar City.  I know Kaleen to be a perfectionist.  She expects the best from her performance and never disappoints.  She also enjoys a quick bowl of cereal for an energy pick up on those early A.M. missions :) 
     Nan lives locally and is full of energy.  She is willing to take on any assignment. Nan loves being around the campers and works hard to ensure our Cassini crews have a successful mission.  "Is their anything I can do better," she asks her flight directors regularly during missions. That's the trademark of someone striving to be the best.      
     I've not had the pleasure of working with Rylan considering he is a Magellanite.  That being said, I know Connor and Mr. Porter wouldn't present the Supervisor Blue without it being well deserved.  Rylan has one other thing going for him - his dad is Jade Hansen, a long time Space Center volunteer who started in the 1990's.  Today Jade is a computer programmer by profession and a Cassini Supervisor as a side hobby. It gives him a chance to share something in common with his two teenage children who both work at the Center.


Ellie Clark (Cassini)

     I've sat through a few of Ellie's practice missions as she trained on the Cassini.  She is talented and one heck of a Thorium problem solver.  Her voice has the power to ring through soundproof walls when she wants it so. My favorite of her characters is Starbase Williamson's docking control lady. You're in good hands when you see Ellie greet you as your Cassini Flight Director.

    Mitch Foote (Odyssey)

     I don't know Mitch very well. I've spoken with him a few times. He is another of the Space Center's professionals (he works at Adobe).  The Odyssey is lucky to have him. Soon Natalie and Lindsey will be leaving.     

JJ Madigan (Falcon)

     JJ has been flying the Falcon most of the summer so his receiving this Flight Director Navy is more a formality.  JJ and I work together in the Cassini on occasion. He's got a creative mind and consistently looks for ways to improve both his performance and the professionalism of the Space Center simulator experience as a whole.  When you hear JJ say "I've got an idea," you'd better stop what you're doing and listen because it's going to be good.    

Hayden Senske (Phoenix)

     Hayden is the Phoenix's newest flight director. He trained with Silver (Phoenix Set Director) and Scott.  When he's not flying the Phoenix, you'll find him supervising in the Magellan. I only see him when he pops into the Cassini Control Room to chat with our staff.  I haven't watched him fly, but I have spent time in the Phoenix control room watching Silver and Scott. They are both top notch and consistently earn high marks from our summer campers.  If they've given him the Navy Blue thumbs up then you know he has the gift.  In his spare time Hayden is the master of mission tacticals. 

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