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Friday, January 8, 2010

Almost Bedtime

Hello Troops,
It's 11:49 P.M. on Friday, January 8. We are running our first Overnight Camp for 2010. We have 44 students from the 5th and 6th grades at Sego Lily Elementary School. They are good kids and fun in the ships. I'm at my desk typing. I hear the loft beds creaking. Anytime someone moves they creak. It can be annoying because I hear every creak from my desk where I sleep.

Whispering is coming in from multiple locations. I hear the boys in the loft and the Bridge Captain's Quarters. I hear the boys sleeping on the bridge. Its not too bad. They are good. Ah, now the noise in the Captain's Quarters in on the increase. Sometimes the boys don't believe we can hear them. It usually takes a second, rarely a third 'talking to' to quiet them down to the point of sleep.

We really do it to ourselves you know. We get them all hyped up with the missions and then expect them drop dead asleep the instant their heads hit the pillows. Not going to happen, yet we still hope.

What is that ripe smell coming through the door in front of me? I answer that with another question. What is an Overnight experience at the Space Center without the mandatory accompaniment of La Odeur des Chaussettes Puantes (The Odor of Stinking Socks). Tonight's smells are ripe indeed. If I'm not mistaken I'm smelling a fresh bouquet of Nike athletic shoes, intermixed with a dozen or so Reeboks and an assortment of other brands, all uniting with the smell of the simulator itself to create an aroma so unique it can only be experienced here at the Space Center.

Good news for everyone. We are running the new Galileo on this camp! It is going well. Very well indeed. We ran a test mission on Thursday without any major problem. We ran the new Galileo this morning for a school field trip. Bracken Funk reported a victory. I spoke to Stacy Carroll (Galileo's Set Director) and Kyle Herring (Galileo's designer) and told them that the new Galileo was on for tonight's camp. It is time to see what this new ship can do. More news on the new Galileo will be coming soon.

It's 12:07 A.M. Things are quieting down. The staff are silent in the Odyssey and I'm hearing the voice of one lone boy in the wilderness of the Voyager. Me think it be time to hit the sack myself. My pad waits in front of my desk.

This is Mr. Williamson signing off from the Space Center just 1/2 a mile from beautiful downtown Pleasant Grove. Until tomorrow.

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