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Thursday, January 28, 2010

The New Galileo. And Other Space Center News.

Hello Troops,
This is the most recent picture of the new Galileo taken by Kyle Herring this evening. A lot of work has been done on our new addition to the fleet since it opened two weeks ago. The cool red lights coming from the front of the warp nacelles were installed today.
"Vic, you've got to come see the Galileo," Kyle said while I was working on the February Volunteering Schedule. I've learned that if Kyle is excited about something then I'd better be as well. He had the lights in the cafeteria off so I could experience the ship illuminated by its own lights. WOW is the only way to describe this new ship. The Galileo is amazing! You'll be very happy when you get a chance to fly her.

Troops, you may want to put a group of friend together and book a private mission in the New Galileo. It really is that cool.

What's Next? Well, the Galileo has several nifty torpedoes you actually load yourself through a hatch in the ship's floor. I'll post more on that when the loading mechanism is finished so I cant include a picture.

Casey Voeks is Back

Many of you old timers remember Casey Voeks. He worked as a flight director in the Magellan, Phoenix and Voyager. He returned on Tuesday from an LDS mission in Texas and plans on returning to work at the Space Center. I'm happy to have Casey back. He was a talented flight director and very popular with the campers.

Casey came in today to watch me fly Intolerance for a 5th grade class from Highland Elementary. He's got to relearn the Voyager before he directs his first mission Friday afternoon.

Summer Camp Registration Starts Monday!

You can book your summer Space Camp for 2010 beginning Monday. This year we add a 4 day camp to the roster. This Super Camp will combine a 3 day Edventure Camp with an Overnight Camp giving you the opportunity to spend four days with us. The Extended Camp will fill quickly so sign up quickly.

In addition to the Extended Camp, the Center will offer our usual EdVenture Camps, Day Camps, Super Overnighters, and regular Overnight Camps. It will be a busy and fun summer at the Space Center.

I Had to Laugh!

I stood on the bridge getting the 5th grade crew from Highland Elementary ready for their mission this afternoon. I called the Ambassador over to where I was standing and gave him a radio. The captain was next.
"Captain, did you see the last Star Trek movie," I asked while waving him over to have his radio fitted. The class heard the question. Several hands went up along with many comments on how much they liked it.
"It was cool," the Captain answered.
"Well, you're our Captain Kirk," I said. "Let's hope you bring us the same luck he brought the Enterprise." The Captain said that was cool and took his seat. I called the first officer over.
"And you are our Mr. Spock," I said while handing him the radio and headset.
"Mr. Smog?" he asked looking very confused. He was one of the few that didn't see the Star Trek movie. From his response I could tell he'd never seen Star Trek at all. "Why Mr. Smog?" he asked.
"Mr. Spock. I said Mr. Spock," I explained. His face expressed his confusion. "Never mind, have a seat." I directed him back to his chair.

Have a Nice Evening Troops,

Mr. Williamson
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