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Friday, January 15, 2010

Bracken Funk Transfers to the USS Logan.

Hello Troops,
It is my sad duty to report that Admiral Bracken Funk (Flight Director) was reassigned to the USS Logan. He flew his final regular mission at the Space Center last Saturday.

Bracken's family offered him a very good paying job in Logan, Utah. Bracken couldn't turn it down. He moved last weekend. Today I spoke with him on the phone. He was working in the office on a computer program. He was in good spirits but admitted a sneeze of homesickness for his family and friends. He promised to visit every weekend he could arrange transportation (he doesn't have a car). If anyone knows someone that lives or goes to school in Logan and visits Utah County (or even Salt Lake) on a regular weekend basis please let me know.

Bracken is a good friend to everyone at the Center. His energy and enthusiasm know no bounds. His excitement for the Center and its mission is legend. He promises to continue to improve our missions by programming new tactical screens for the Voyager's older missions. A new tactical program for Midnight Rescue is his latest improvement. He did a fantastic job.

We will miss Bracken and the example he set for the staff and volunteers. Of course, we wish him the best of luck in Logan and hope to see him every weekend at the Center is the fates allow and he finds someone with a good car needed a passenger willing to help pay for gas!

Mr. Williamson
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