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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Heaven? Doubtful. The Other Place? At Times!

You never know what to expect when you load a class into the simulators. I've written about this many times. Last week I had a chuckle. I stood at the top of the stairs in my usual place asking to see their Boarding Passes. It is rewarding to hear the exclamations of wonder and joy. It is a pain to grab the odd child that isn't looking at me but looking at the Bridge instead. They are, at times, so overwhelmed by the Bridge that I'm not noticed at all. I wonder how that can be considering my size and the fact that I'm standing at the top of the stairs.

Wednesday a sixth grade girls came up the stairs. She walked past me. I put out my arm to stop her and asked for her Boarding Pass. She presented her papers. I looked to see where to sit her.
"This is so cool! She exclaimed. "This is Heaven!"
That was a first for the Space Center. We've been called many things, both good and
bad. Heaven is one word I've never heard used as a substitute for the Space Center.
My mind starting making connections. If this is Heaven, and I'm in charge of the
Center, then I must be....... I quickly cleared that thought out of my head hoping not to incur the wrath of the Almighty and a seven year curse on the Center - only lifted by sacrificing a few volunteers and a cat of any variety . I showed her to the Scanning
"She won't think its Heaven after an hour on that station," I thought to myself. Two children later came her friend Jordan. I pointed her to the Left Wing Tactical Station. Jordan sat. The music continued to play as children paraded past me to their stations. Above the music came a voice I'd heard before.
"Jordan," she shouted. "This is Heaven! I'm excited and scared!"
"Sounds like a perfect description of Judgment Day," I thought.

I've got to thank our visitors for filling my day with sunshine and laughter.
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