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Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Photographic Riddle. Are you up to the Challenge?

Hello Troops,
Take a minute and look at my Cloverdale Post for tonight.

You'll find a series of photographs. Each representing a common noun or phrase. Can you deduce what they are? Send your guesses to me by email. Anyone that gets them all right will win the never ending respect of this Space Center Director (you might even talk me out of a candy bar from the gift shop). Getting one or two right will earn a pat on the back or the shake of a hand (your choice) and the partial respect of someone that didn't get any of them right, although I attempted to solve them in a semi conscious stupor after an overnight camp while being lulled into a unfeeling state by a mindless TV show.

Everyone that gets them correct will earn the privilege of being called a "Space Center Brown Topper", a citizen of the Intellectual Upper Crust. Someone mere mortals like myself dream of becoming. Someone who only physically exists in our realm while mentally transcending the barrier between the here and now and the Whisperland of What Will Be.

Good Luck,

Mr. Williamson
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