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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Recent News from the Space Education Center.

Hello Troops,
It's Time for News!
What you are about to see are uncensored, candid snapshots of the wildlife roaming freely at the Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center and Wild Game Preserve located near beautiful downtown Pleasant Grove, Utah (Just up and down a few blocks from the world renown Purple Turtle Fast Food Emporium - home of the Over the Top Shakes!) Please read this post in a quiet room. Sudden and / or loud noises can disturb the animals. Some frighten easily and once frightened, become unpredictable.

Photo 1: Alex the Pious stands with Chelsey. Alex is humbled at Chelsey's accomplishment of obtaining her promotion pin for passing the Voyager's stations. Chelsey smiles embarrassingly after seeing a tear of joy streaming down Alex's left cheek.
"What a turd," she was hear mumbling as she returned to her seat.

Photo 2: Stacy of Lehi awards the Knighthood of Galileo Pin to Julie of the North and Alex the Pious.
"How can one contain the flood of emotion that comes from being so honored?" Alex was overhead saying near the drinking fountain afterwards.
After receiving her honor, Julie was seen erasing the names of younger volunteers from the staff working schedule posted in the hallway near the Briefing Room. She wrote her name in their place.
"You do what it takes to move ahead in any organization?" she confessed.

Photo 3: Mr. Williamson, wearing his chains of office, congratulating Chelsey on her Voyager Award. He seems in good spirits - which is unusual for him, especially after an Overnight Camp.

There are rumors Mr. Williamson was seen smiling at WalMart last week. The cause for his obscene behaviour is unknown.
"I don't know what you're talking about," was his response to a question put to him on the matter.

Photo 4: In this snapshot we see Emily of the Red bestowing the Honors of the Voyager to Julie of the North (Julie got her Voyager pass). Don't let Julie's cheer fool you. Her smile is directed to all the little volunteers crushed during her meteoric rise to Space Center Stardom.

Emily is a Space Center EMT and Flight Director. She thrives on the thrill of story and 'Blood and Guts'. This pictures captures the moment just before Emily pushed the pin deeply into Julie's unsuspecting chest. Blood was drawn.
"An Accident?" you ask.
"Doubtful" is this witness' response. Emily gets her first aid practice anyway she can.

Photo 5: This is Jace, recently returned from the Utah Summer Games where he won two gold medals in some for of martial arts. I can't remember exactly...... perhaps it was French Feet Fighting. No, I believe it was Ty Quon Do (the spelling is hopeless but at 9:16 P.M. I can't be expected to do anything right). Jace was promoted to Space Center Rule Enforcer after demonstrating his Black Belt skills on two thirsty eleven year olds who took too long at the drinking fountain during a summer camp crew rotation. Many volunteers where shocked at the brutality. Emily was delighted. She arrived twenty seconds later with full First Aid Kit in hand. I'm happy to report the two younglings are recuperating well and pledged not to take more than fifteen seconds at the fountain each.

Any ten year old that gets out of hand will feel Jace's swift and precise hand. A slice, a dice and a well placed kick and these younglings will be marching in step with a smile on their face.
Excellent Work Jace!

Photo 6: This is Josh receiving his Odyssey Pin from Emily of the Red. Does he seem worried? Does he seem concerned? Josh asked that Emily not put the pin on the Lanyard. He accepted the pin in hand.

Photo 7. Emily of the Red seconds before drawing blood from soon be be screaming Connor L. Connor earned an Odyssey Pass. The piercing caused Connor to lose his footing and strike his head on the "Lord of the Votes" trophy behind him. He went home that day with his head wrapped in twelve layers of bandages. Emily succeed in protecting his airway but forgot to leave his eyes unwrapped. He stumbled out to meet his parents and missed the curb. It was a nasty spill, too gruesome to describe.

Photo 8: In this photo you see (Left to Right) Brittney, Aleta, Mr. Williamson, Nate E. Marissa B, and a mysterious youngling that remains unidentified. It was the end of the Overnight Camp. The staff gathered to wish them a happy birthday. Mr. Williamson was forced to surrender the cake so everyone could have a piece. He wasn't amused. He ordered Mrs. Houston to cut the cake into one inch squares. He took what was left home.
"Isn't it all about me?" he said in his defense when denying second helpings to the hungry staff and volunteers.

Photo 8: This is Happy Kyle standing next to the Galileo. Don't confuse Happy Kyle with the Confused Kyle "The Fish" Herring . Happy Kyle is the Center's All Around Handy Man. He stands proudly next to the new Air Intakes he recently installed on both sides of the new simulator.

We call him Happy Kyle because of his attitude. No one has ever seen him really angry. The closest thing to "getting angry" was a moment of upset a few months ago when he messed up a telephone order for aluminum.

"Darn It!" he was heard saying as he hung up the phone. He quickly apologized to everyone present for his emotional outburst and enrolled in Anger Anonymous. He attends religiously.

And that's All the News for Tonight Troops.

All the Best!
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