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Monday, July 12, 2010

A Space Center News Update

Hello Troops,
What a miracle! I’m posting at 6:23 P.M. instead of the middle of the night as in previous posts. We’re running our Day Camp this week. The campers arrive at 9:00 A.M. and leave at 2:30 P.M. on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Do you realize what that means? The Space Center Staff are blessed with a resemblance of reality. We get to go home at night!

“So this is how real people live,” I thought as I walked home from the Space Center at 5:00 P.M. I worked 9.5 hours today instead of 24. I’ve got a splash of time and you get an update post.

Tomorrow I’ll post several pictures of staff receiving awards given at the end of the last couple Overnight Camps. I’d do it now but the pictures are at the school and I’m home on my laptop with a cold drink on my left and Sirius Radio encircling me with sounds from their Coffee House Channel. This is my lucky night. Nora Jones is singing.

Nora is a favorite of mine. My sister introduce me to her music two years ago. She and her husband spend their summer evenings sitting outside their old west museum and art gallery in Hewlett, Wyoming listening to their favorite musicians over speakers set up outside on the wooden sidewalk and entrance. The music, combined with good conversation spiced with local gossip, draw out the neighbors in this tiny village of six hundred located a few miles from Devil’s Tower in the mystic Black Hills.

I was there there a few years back, spending a few lazy summer nights talking and laughing with anyone who happened by. We were in town for my brother’s wedding held in the town’s one no longer used church.

Hewlett, Wyoming use to be a stop on a travelling Baptist preacher’s circuit. Several years ago he dropped Hewlett from his schedule. This left the town preacherless. The church closed, and opened for special occasions only - like my brother’s wedding. We hired a preacher from South Dakota to come out and perform the service. If you think of Mayberry with Andy Griffith and Barney Fife then you’ll get the feel for life in Hewlett. We chucked at the thought that our families nearly doubled the town’s population.

Good Times....

This summer has had its ups and downs. Saturday could have been a real downer day if it wasn't for an awesome staff. There was a scheduling problem and we found ourselves short a flight director for our 11:00 A.M. missions. Thanks to our fantastic staff (Emily, Rachel, Dave, Stacy, Bracken and Ben) we were able to pull through and get the job done. They went the extra mile and pitched in to take care of the customers.

Having a staff of devoted, dedicated people is one reason the Center has survived twenty years coming up this November. I want these folks to know that I really appreciated their willingness to answer the phone and come in to help. I don’t forget favors owed and all of you earned a “Get Out of Jail Free Card” for the next time you royally mess up and deserve a hugh chew out from me. Just remind me you’ve got the Card and I’ll leave it at that.

We have three weeks left in the Summer Season of 2010. It’s going quickly. Have you been to one of our camps? If so, thank you for your contribution. I’m hoping you enjoyed yourself. If you haven’t come to a camp yet and are within the ages of 10 and 14 may I remind you we still have openings in September. We’d love to see you at the Space Center. We’d love to have you fly in one of our simulators. Come on and join us. Take a minute from reality and recharge your imagination.

Now to Change the Subject......

I’m working with someone in Arizona on a new, mobile simulator for our K- 4th Grade students. The trailer's design is nearly finished. We are pricing it out now. If the price is right, we will seek to either purchase the simulator or rent it. The trailer will be divided into seven 4 man capsules. The seven capsules will take our younger students on missions throughout the solar system. They will use computers with touch screen computers to control their small craft through the atmosphere of Venus and the rings of Saturn. The missions will run 20 - 30 minutes.

A pick up truck will move the trailer from school to school. An onboard generator will provide the power. This means we can take our missions to schools, malls, fairs etc. Imagine the possibilities! I’m excited- as you should be. The Space Center may soon be mobile, taking this kind of learning to rural schools and communities. It is another way we hope to make a difference in the lives of Utah’s school children.

Well troops, The Coffee House Channel is playing something that sounds almost western. I‘m OK with that but think I’ll scan the band and find something else.

All the Best!

Mr. Williamson
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